Saturday, April 18, 2009

good news/bad news

Good news: Running Wild is playing Wacken this year on Thursday night.

Bad news: Running Wild is playing their last show ever at Wacken this year on Thursday night.

Good news: I bought my W:O:A ticket immediately when they went on sale, the bill essentially sight unseen, and thus I'm assured of seeing Running Wild before they strike the tents, which is not something many US metalheads can say. I'd like Running Wild to do a full tour and come back to the US as a farewell, but they've been bad at finishing tours for a while; I should have seen them in Dresden the day after I saw In Extremo, at the same venue, but they bagged the end of that tour and haven't really scheduled a sustained run of dates since.

Cap'n Rolf may be striking the black flag, but there are other corsairs out there; whether Swashbuckle, Scurvy, or Alestorm eventually takes over their spot, the cause of heavy metal piracy will go on -- and Swashbuckle's coming by in two weeks with Paganfest.

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