Thursday, April 23, 2009

Every Shirt XXV: Revocation - demon

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shirt: Revocation - muscle demon
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2008
provenance: band

This shirt, picked up in January of last year, comes from when Revocation were touring somewhat intensely leading up to the release of Empire of the Obscene. They haven't been playing out as much since that one came out; partly band member commitments, partly that Anthony (bass) got hit by a car in the middle of the year and still has some tendonitis issues from time to time, which is a problem when you're playing in a technical thrash-death band.

I also have another Revocation shirt, which I don't wear on other continents (this one went to Wacken '08) as it's now out of circulation in favor of designs like this with production value on them. That'll be treated in its own good time.

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