Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Every Shirt X: Ipsissimus

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shirt: Ipsissimus white logo/Bleed For Him
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2007
provenance: band

I had to check which Metal Thursday in the second half of 2007 I picked up this shirt from the band at, and it turned out to be one in October; for some reason I had associated these guys with opening for Wolven Ancestry on that gig, but that was not the case. Some parts of some sets at specific gigs you recall, but after a hundred or so in various places, DIY shows start to blend together; hence the need for deliberate history to keep things straight.

Eventually, this may be joined by a newer Ipsissimus shirt (basically the same as this, but black-on-black), but I'm kind of in the process of moving to a new apartment, and don't really want to have to transport any more shirts in that process than I already have to.

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