Saturday, April 11, 2009

Every Shirt XII: Gamma Ray

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shirt: Gamma Ray Land of the Free II/US
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2008
provenance: band

This one, featuring Fangface as the Statue of Liberty with some different tablets and a torch forming the horns, was issued for Gamma Ray's '08 US tour with Helloween, and I picked it up at the local date, which was probably the best single non-festival show I went to last year. I wore it out to Kreator last night because a) it was next in the rotation and b) switching shirts based on what band you're seeing is in itself moderately poser. If you're actually metal (or have an imposing enough jacket to wear over it), nobody will care what shirt you have on.

The back features the mascot's gaping maw behind the Land of the Free II title. Normally, this would pass without comment, but one of my non-metal friends (who will remain nameless) was actually scared and/or freaked out by this graphic. He laughed at Typhoid's album cover, but quails at Gamma Ray -- go figure.

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