Thursday, April 02, 2009

Every Shirt IV: Indignation

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shirt: Indignation flaming skull back
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2006
provenance: band

I'd actually almost forgotten about my other Indignation shirt, partly because it wasn't in the pile with all the rest, and partly because I almost never wear it. It's a little unwieldy; some weekend, though, I have to wear it, and when that time comes it'll show up here.

This one, though, was purchased off the band at the moderately infamous South Central show at (IIRC) Tabu in Saugus at the tail end of December '06. This was notably the first and last time that there's been a metal show at this place, as well as the first and last time I've gone through an explicit metal detector stop to see a band. That was a hell of a lineup; Ravage with Pat (MPD) McNeil on some vocals because Al got stuck in traffic, Mortis Dev, MPD, Death Defect, and of course Indignation seeing as I got the shirt from them there. I don't know if the band's still active, as I haven't seen a lot of Haverhill shows being advertised, and they were always a linchpin of South Central's lineups. It's a shame if they aren't; their derivation of power/thrash out of hardcore was fairly original and completely unexpected, and the organizational element that they brought to heavy music in the Valley (viz school buses chartered to lug fans around to out-of-market gigs like this one) will be sorely missed. Good band, nice shirt, but the story that goes with the other 'Nation shirt is a lot weirder.

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