Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Every Shirt III: The Accursed

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shirt: The Accursed logo
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2007
provenance: band

Not to be confused with The Accused, the legendary Seattle splatterpunk band, The Accursed were a decent NWOSDM band in the vein of a lot of others that caused the rise of the epithet "Gothenchusetts"; those outside the region will probably be most familiar with Shadows Fall, All That Remains, and maybe Beyond The Embrace, who are probably the closest comparison. I picked up this shirt in early 2007, sometime after the release of their Seasons of the Scythe record and sometime before the Skybar closed/turned into a Chinese restaurant annex that didn't have bands. That was a good time for the scene in eastern New England; the Skybar was a cool, fun, intimate place to see a show, but the shows there never drew enough people or made enough money to justify it to the owners, and now that O'Brien's is back, I'm not sure anyone really misses it.

In the last analysis, though, the Midway is better and more accessible, and also has a Chinese restaurant practically next door -- and also a burrito/pizza place. The Accursed, who have not really had another band come forward to pick up the mantle of underground NWOSDM leaders from them, will probably be missed a hell of a lot more than the venue that I bought this shirt from them at.

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