Saturday, April 25, 2009

Every Shirt XXVI: Terminally Your Aborted Ghost

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shirt: Terminally Your Aborted Ghost
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2008
provenance: band

This is one of the last TYAG shirts ever produced, a relic of their final tour of the US in 2008. I picked this up from the band at their kickoff show at Welfare Records, a venue that is now technically defunct, but has been reborn as Anchors Up!. One might say the same about the band; it's Devon's band, and he's permanently out and out of New England, so they won't be back under this name, but Mark, Elliot, and Mike keep teasing Composted fans about most of a record's worth of more serious material written for TYAG, and occasionally playing some of it. Time will tell.

On the back of this one is the logo again, but overstamped with the '08 spring tour banner and logos for their two labels at the time, Siege of Amida and Ferret. This was made before the band picked up the sobriquet "Terminally Your Not Enough Myspace Friends For Ferret Music". When last heard from, the label was reaping exactly the rewards one would associate with dropping bands for not spamming people, but the band members were still somewhat pissed at them for welching on their deal, which was supposed to include support for the tour this shirt is from, and also a budget to record that last TYAG disc.

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