Thursday, April 16, 2009

Every Shirt XVIII: Hekseri

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shirt: Hekseri
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2007
provenance: band

This one came from Destruction's next-to-last gig in New England, which Hekseri opened; downstairs at the Middle East during that Metal Winter Break extent of February '07. Because of when and how the club decided to do doors, I only saw about half of Hekseri's set, but I'd seen the band several times in the few months proceeding, and they'd sold out of their demo a while before. (Larissa ended up compiling their complete demos for me, but that was later, and she didn't charge any consideration.)

While checking up on an unrelated issue, I found that this band is still technically still active, but that's a big "technically" there; Seth is out, and in Summoning Hate after a (allegedly tumultuous) stint in Herugrim, Megan moved to Germany, and Jason doesn't seem to go to shows, so I've got no idea what he's up to.

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