Sunday, May 03, 2009

Every Shirt XXXV: Death

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shirt: Death - 100% Pure Organic Metal
size: XL (US)
vintage: 1999
provenance: retail

This shirt was bought at retail probably around the same time as the Emperor shirt from earlier, towards the end of summer 1999. Death was still active at this point, but I missed their final tour; even with HammerFall opening, you go to see epochal bands because you never know when illness (as in this case) or simple insanity (see Dissection) is going to shut down your options.

This shirt also played a weird but yet significant part in my professional development; I did my first CS class in the fall of '99, and wore this shirt in to the first exam. One of the freshmen in the class, out of the blue, started ripping on me for the slogan on the back -- it didn't make sense until I realized that he was nervous and freaking out, and the fact that I wasn't, despite having no prior programming experience (copying programs line-for-line out of the back of C64 magazines doesn't count), indicated that my competence with this shit was not completely illusory. The last decade of my life has pretty much borne out that impression.

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