Monday, May 04, 2009

changing categories

All of a sudden, the band I have seen most often is no longer a local band. Ok, sure, technically, Revocation is still from Boston, but getting signed to a 'major' is kind of a game changer. This is great news for Dave, Anthony, Phil, and all of us who've supported them, from yesterday all the way back to the Cryptic Warning days -- I wouldn't exactly put myself in that group, as I actually missed the set they did under that name at Sputnix in '02 (way back when the front entrance was still a normal people entrance and bands set up against the back wall), just picked up the demo after.

Sum total, go see them at Church on the 10th if you can, and if not, see them with Quo Vadis and buy their new record, so Relapse will reissue Empire. If/when you get merch options, guys, Empire cover back patch DO WANT -- but as a concession to reality I'll take shirts and rely on my own firm hand with sewing paraphrenalia.

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