Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every Shirt XLIV: God Forbid

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shirt: God Forbid - The Real Black Metal
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2007
provenance: band

This is the shirt mentioned earlier that would bear on why God Forbid is worth defending. Unfortunately, the reason is the back design, which does not show up well in this format; this is the moderately famous "Real Black Metal" tour shirt, with, as you can see, Africa behind a Dimmu-style pentagram on the front, and the band members' heads shopped over black metallers' bodies on the back, complete with warnames (Byron = Negrodamus, Dallas = General Zod, John = ...er....John, etc). It's not just mocking black metal, it's also taking the piss out of themselves, and the idea that they merit special treatment as "black" metal.

What's more interesting is that on Earthblood, there are a lot of sections that show strong influence from the Norwegian second wave. So, oddly enough, God Forbid is now more black metal than they've likely ever been before, though Dallas' defection makes them, by the standards of this shirt, only 50% black metal by volume.

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