Friday, July 28, 2006

Wacken 2005 Part 666 - A Picture is Worth Two Thirds of a Thousand Words

The last repost from W:O:A 2005.


Finally, pictures from Wacken. This is sort of a continuation of the five prior Wacken reports below, so you may want to read those first. These were all taken on Saturday, and fucking big, so open them in a new tab.


01 - Himmel Ueber Wacken
The Norwegian flag here is flying over a bus used by some of the Norwegian contingent. This is on the campgrounds, at about the highest point in the Wacken festival area.

02 - deserted midway
In the center of this photo you can see the washing area sponsored by Prince cigarettes (red arch, barely used), the ironworks tower/smokestack (out of service), and the crazy guy mascot of Wiking Burger. The brown stuff on the ground is mud 10-15cm deep, occasionally seeded with broken bottles and flat-stomped cans. This is going to be a hell of an archaeological site in 300 years.

03 - looking out towards the stages
A word about range and scale here. The gate to get into the infield is about 100 meters away. After that it is 200 meters, at least, to the PA stacks, and then another hundred meters to the stages. And this was shot from about midway down into the Vorgelaende/midway. Immense.

04 - the beergarden
Around and under the tables you can see what the ground used to look like before being summarily destroyed. The Wacken firefighters' band is on the small stage in the background.

05 - Omens??
This was a shot of the wispy cloud in the center, which looked sort of like Running Wild's wolf-head mascot, or potentially like the cowskull seen middle-bottom left, which is the Wacken main logo. Whatever it was or betokened, it turned out to be a good day overall.

06 - the cowskull, 20 feet of steel
This ginormous piece of sculpture hangs between the True Metal (left) and Black (right, though for the musicians it is obviously the "left hand path") stages and, though it's difficult to see in this shot, mounts about 10 or 12 torch vents as will be seen in a later shot.

07 - Zyklon
This picture demonstrates abundantly how the Black Stage is not a "second stage", but just another main stage set up next to the other one.

08 - Dragonforce
The weird lighting rigs over the True Metal Stage were probably set up that way for Accept.

09 - Dragonforce again
Herman Li and Sam Totman, front and center.

10 - Suffocation
Frank Mullen (white shirt and jeans, center left) haranguing the crowd again, maybe telling them about how they're from 'Lon Giland'.

11 - Dissection's stage set
Featuring the metal forkcross props mentioned intext earlier.

Jon and company attack the stage.

Dissection in full cry; picture blurriness probably induced by the photographer headbanging.

14 - Marduk! Burn My Coffin!
There is too much sunshining in this picture for a band so true. :roll:

15 - HammerFall
Oskar Dronjak, the sole remaining member of HammerFall from their jokeband days (oh, wait.....). This is a crop from the fullsize version, not a resize, because there were too many backs of other people's heads in the picture.

16 - KREATOR!!!! ENEMY OF GOD!!!!!
Damn, I wish I could have taken this from closer. But if I was closer, I couldn't have stopped headbanging long enough to snap it.

17 - Primordial tuning up
This was taken during their soundcheck; it would be neither ethical nor possible to take flash photos of this band actually playing in this setting.

18 - the cowhead burns......
This picture was shot while Accept was on -- Sentenced's lights are being tested in the lower right. No pictures of Sentenced because taking pictures of the dead (real Southern custom, Chuck references it in "Open Casket") is just creepy.

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