Friday, July 28, 2006

now that that's out of the way...

....comes the situation that my Myspace is not deleted after all. :roll: This was kind of predicted, so it's not like it's like I wasn't planning on keeping it live for the near future. However, this move off towards the real internet is something I was planning on doing anyway.

I'm going to do some more cleanup and such probably next Monday, and then the week after that, there'll be a report from this year's Wacken Open Air. It may seem a little excessive to fly to another continent for a heavy metal concert, but it's the only way I'm likely to ever see Emperor with the full lineup, and Amon Amarth with their full Viking show. I'm hoping to run into some of the people I met last year, but there's 50,000+ people at this festival, always growing, and if I run into anyone I know it'll likely be purely by accident. Of course, as I continue to go back (Immortal's reuniting next year, so that's kind of a foregone conclusion), the number of people that I've randomly hung out with will continue to expand, and the overall chance will go up. This year will see more pictures, and hopefully more bands seen, but all is certain, even if the airline loses my gear and I end up sleeping under a tarp, is that I'll have a great time. (Large mugs of beer help with this, but are not the answer in and of themselves.)

In the short term I'm losing sleep; last night was writing up two weeks' worth of D&D materials, and tonight I have to do the Chinese homework I've been putting off all week, then do next week's tomorrow night so that I can go to Germany and not worry about leaving lessons undone. Maybe I should spread this out some, but the concentrations help me focus. Or, rather, this is a useful side effect of being generally lazy.

I am not cooking more Chinese buns for the session; I screwed up the last batch, but fortunately, everyone was more interested in the actual game than in eating, so I've been using them as a lunch substitute all week. The pork was a little old and I didn't prepare the steamer pans right, so it's actually a positive that I'm soaking it -- they weren't poisonous or anything, and I'm going to be living on doner, sausage and beer next week, so I need all the help I can get getting ready.

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