Monday, July 31, 2006

more obstacles

I'm leaving for Wacken the day after tomorrow, but I just had to go and tweak something in my back last night; it's less painful now, but sleeping on the ground and in airline seats probably isn't going to be real helpful for it. However, this is quite a small price to pay in order to see Emperor together again.

(of course, I'm saying this now, not next Monday when I'm crawling home from the T and DMing the session from flat on my back)

If I can avoid dying overseas, I'm going to have a hell of a time; and it's not like I'm going to be standing up the whole time; sitting aint so bad, and I should be fine just going forward for the few bands I was going to go forward for anyways. If I actually get some painkillers before gaming tonight things should be better, and somehow I got through two serious knee injuries last time.

I haven't done a full gear-load yet (maybe tonight, definitely by tomorrow), but I think I'll be fine with my current pack and bag. Plenty of spare room on the way over, and then room to put all the stuff I brought over in the carryon into the backpack and carry T-shirts, CDs, and other junk back by hand. Oft-forgotten, this is the most important part of packing for festivals, because otherwise you're going to be throwing kit out to make room for it. I had to toss a lot of gear for water-related reasons last year, but hopefully I'll be able to actually re-use most of what I bring over.

How to not get waterlogged at Wacken:
- Put a tarp or groundcloth under your tent. The floor will stop being waterproof if it sinks into the waterlogged mud, and it probably wasn't real waterproof in the first place.
- Put a tarp over your tent. The roof will stop being waterproof when the rain does not stop for 18 hours at a time.
- Put a garbage bag over the end of your sleeping bag. This way the bag will not get soaked from the water you track into the tent.
- Bring a towel, even if you don't plan on using the pool. Sit on this when you're changing clothes and not in your sleeping bag yet. Also sit on this to put on and take off your boots.
- Leave your boots outside. They will stink less, and you will track in less water.
- Bring extra garbage bags to contain soaked clothing.
- Stop worrying about it and just resolve to dry/air your stuff out when you get back home.

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