Friday, July 28, 2006

Patchjacket - Shovel Headed Kill Machine (part 6)

The sixth repost of adding stuff to my metal jacket at the end of last year.


Got my patches, plus three cool shirts, and started work on the final phase. The other two patches tentatively planned will have to wait until I get back to the US, or decide to get an American flag patch shipped here.
51: Motorhead pin, with ruler for scale. This is a huge motherfuckin' chunk of METAL!! that instantly commands attention. I had no idea when I ordered it that it was going to be this big -- look at the size of this thing!
52: Motorhead pin, affixed. I later turned the head around to face in the opposite direction; the In Extremo pin on the other side is also oriented this way, and it just didn't feel right.
53: Tentative reference image. Tentative because I made some major changes to the sleeve stacks shortly after taking the pic.
54: Running Wild circle patch, pinned. The top of the Immortal strip is in the frame solely to make sure that I had it high enough to leave space between the strip and the backpatch.
55: Running Wild circle patch, affixed. This was fairly quick because circle patches have inherently less seam per area than any other shape. However, they leave more space uncovered than patches with straight edges, which is why this is the only one on the jacket.
56: Immortal superstrip, pinned. That's not an optical illusion or poor alignment; the lower right corner just does stretch and bend down further than the lower left. When your band sells in the range of six digits worldwide -- catalog, not per release -- you kind of have to take what you can get as regards merchandising.
57: Immortal superstrip, affixed. Look at the position of the ravens relative to the seams. it's not printed/embroidered straight, but it's not cut straight either.

This basically finishes the top of the jacket; I'm going to add German and US flags on the sides of the superstrip, but leave what little else remains of this panel open. One patch on the left side panel (another glue-backed nightmare), and the back of the jacket is also done, leaving the sleeves and the seam-plagued front. I have to get some silver thread and a red marker to finish the jacket with proper mods; that'll probably be posted after the weekend.

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