Friday, July 28, 2006

Patchjacket - Reconquering the Throne (part 5)

The fifth repost in the heavy metal jacket series.


I got my studs in the afternoon, around 4pm, and promptly got to work. I took another nap before going in, but the setup could not wait.
46: Skeleton of right shoulder block. This shows the shape to be a 7x13, centered on the top shoulder seam. It's also a little cockeyed, but this was the first time I had ever done this; by the end, I was a lot better at making things line up.

Ran - studs -work - studs - Ran - crash - studs - Ran - home - studs - sleep - studs.
47: Right shoulder block, finished. I closed this out at home after my Saturday morning shift ended. This was a learning experience, and would have been painful if I hadn't already destroyed all the nerve endings in my fingertips playing bass.
48: Right shoulder block, finished, with crimping tool. The steps of affixing pyramid studs:
1) Push the spikes through the fabric by hand so that it lines up with the studs already affixed.
2) Hold the stud in place as you use the scissors as a lever to fold the spikes over and up into the hollow of the stud.
3) Repeat over and OVER and OVER until you lose feeling in your fingers.
49: Left shoulder block, finished. This was done in about three hours on Saturday night, concluding just around midnight.
50: Shoulder stud panels, finished. There are 182 studs in this photo, adding about 8 ounces of metal weight to the jacket. I would not greatly care to do something this extensive again -- fortunately, there's not many other places left on the jacket where something this big could even fit.

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