Friday, July 28, 2006

Patchjacket - Born Again By The Night (part 4)

This is the fourth repost of stuff related to the construction of my super heavy metal jacket.


EMP did not deliver. So I ordered more junk from Nuclear Blast to complete the patchout, and a huge swack of studs from....the Garment District in Boston. There should be something about irony here. This stuff was done while waiting for it to arrive.

39: Right cuff detailing, first half.
40: Right cuff detailing, second half. This was done in waterproof marker, completely freehand, and is about the limit of my artistic talent. The style is influenced by some ~henna designs that this one Pakistani girl drew on me at this academic conference thingy that I went to at the end of my senior year in high school, and by Jesper (In Flames) Stromblad's arm tats. I also used to have a similar design on the front face of one of my basses, but the paint kept wearing off because I didn't do it professionally, or seal it at all.
41: Left cuff detailing, first half.
42: Left cuff detailing, second half.Doing these took about 15 minutes total, and would actually have gone a lot longer if I'd been following a template.
43: Pattern comparison, cuff and backpatch. I knew the interlocking hooks and crabclaws of the blackflame design reminded me of something. I wish I could say that I had planned this from the beginning for this reason, but that just isn't the case -- I only noticed the visual consonance after I'd finished both cuffs.
44: Dresden crest, placed. For this patch, this is the same as 'pinned' -- this one had glue on the back, which made it a hideous thing to sew. If I had an iron, I could have ironed it on, but iron-on is too weak for a real metal jacket, and I didn't have an iron anyway.
45: Dresden crest, affixed. Another one that went through the seams. Of course, this wasn't that bad in comparison to the little balls of glue and denim dust that accompanied the needle and thread through, sticking everywhere and making it very difficult to drive the needle.

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