Friday, July 28, 2006

Patchjacket - Cenotaph (part 8 and last)

The last repost of stuff relating to the construction of my metal jacket.


The last day, with the last two patches (except the aforementioned flags).
71: Deicide patch, pinned. This was easy to sew except for being so far down the sleeve -- I had to switch off between having the inside hand coming down from the shoulder and coming up from the cuff.
72: Deicide patch, affixed. Right sleeve complete.
73: The Haunted patch, pinned. This was probably the smallest patch on the jacket, and would have been the quickest to sew if it was placed somewhere more accessible.
74: The Haunted patch, affixed. Left sleeve complete.
75: Left front waistband detailing. The shapes are a little thinner here than on the cuffs, but the overall intent is the same. This was also obviously freehanded.
76: Right front waistband detailing. And with this, the jacket is complete.
77: Full jacket, front. As you can see from the boots in the bottom of the shot, I needed to get the camera about 68 inches up from the jacket in order to get all of it in the frame.
78: Full jacket, rear. I didn't have to stand on anything to get this one because I didn't have to spread the sleeves out so far.

The piece de resistance; the first Ensiferum laptop-bag in service with a US semiconductor equipment manufacturer. I had this patch left over, and since I supplied my own carry bag for my current laptop (we didn't get bags issued for the HPs), I get to do what I want with it. I had to break out the leather needles for this one; the canvas on this bag was hella tough to go through.

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