Friday, July 28, 2006

live from Hong Kong (repost)

Reposted from when I went to China this May.


I generally have a simple rule for travel, which goes as follows:
There are three options:
a) trans-Pacific
b) nonstop
c) economy
Pick any two.

I broke this rule to pieces over the past 3 days, though, because I forgot to add in "d) tomorrow". 48 hours ago, I didn't think I was doing anything this weekend. Now I'm in China (yes, Hong Kong counts now). Of course, I'm going to be spending all of tomorrow getting my visa okayed, and then going to Beijing for work, but I'll at least get some pictures here even if I can't actually do anything else...I just hope I'll be able to make my flight north.

I saw the movie below on the plane, silent (because in the process of getting into my coffin-corner seat I kicked the headphones to the floor -- never sit 58A on a 747 if you can avoid it), and with Chinese subs. It's amazing how little I missed despite only getting only like one character in 40, and missing like the first half because I was asleep from about Siberian landfall to the Mongolian border. This was also one of five movies shown in their entirety, but the only one that I paid attention to.

More from Beijing later, maybe pictures...right now it's about time to test whether I still avoid jetlag or get completely wiped out from going west like everyone else.

(I'm actually watching a jidaigeki on NHK-2, but I don't know what the name of it is, and they probably don't have fucking listings for that anyways.)

[was 'currently' watching Transporter 2]

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