Sunday, July 05, 2009

Every Shirt XCVIII: Indignation raglan

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shirt: Indignation rapper raglan
size: 3XL? (US)
vintage: 2006
provenance: band

This is the bizarre Indignation shirt with the bizarre backstory mentioned much earlier. I picked this shirt up at some DIY venue in the last three months of 2006; maybe at Sputnix, maybe up at the Haverhill Elks, maybe somewhere entirely unrelated. Regardless, it is a serviceable if gigantic piece of clothing that yells DIY rather loudly.

As tags that were on this shirt before I cut them off indicated, the fabric for this one was assembled for the Negro Leagues museum as replica kit for some old-time club, but obviously, it was cut out and seconded, either due to manufacturing errors or simple overstock. Having fallen through the cracks of the primary economy, Indignation acquired it, probably in bulk with other mismatched shirts, and screenprinted their logo onto it. When I got this one, such shirts, many using the older logo from when they were more of a punk band, made up the bulk of their merch, and they were distributing them rather freely to anybody who came into range. I'm pretty sure I got this one gratis for picking up a CD, which is the opposite of how such things usually go, but whatever. The usual model in the current digital age is to loss-lead with the music and use it to get people to buy shirts, but if your raw shirts are next to free and you consider your ink and screens as a sunk cost, you're a lot more likely to get people listening to your music if you buck the flow and give them free shirts.

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