Saturday, July 11, 2009

Every Shirt CIV: Macerated

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shirt: Macerated
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2009
provenance: band

Picked up last night (review forthcoming) when these guys opened up for a lineup consisting of Boston's kings of Manual Crowd Pummeling, this is a nice sick shirt from a nice sick band. They also had some slightly more complicated shirts featuring their current album artwork, but my tastes tend to the minimalistic, and additionally, buying a full-color print on camo for the prices these guys were charging would have felt like ripping the band off. If you accept that this shirt would go for $5, then I got a pin, their current record, and a CD-R demo from a side project for free. I've noticed this a couple times with bands from the South (these dudes are Virginia Beach), where the cost of living is legendarily less than it is here; it's good for dudes who don't have money, but most people wouldn't balk at a $10 shirt-and-CD package either.

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Alcerated said...

We had soo much fun in boston!