Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Every Shirt CVIII: Krisiun - Southern Storm

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shirt: Krisiun - Southern Storm
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2009
provenance: band

Picked up on their tour stop this March with Destruction, this shirt was worn exactly once before getting dragged into the middle of the pile, to disappear for four months and get compacted down flat in the process. This is a shame, because it's a pretty hellacious design that abstractly does not deserve to stay buried for so long.

There are about 30 or so shirts left, modulo any gain from the three to four shows I'll see before going overseas, whatever I pick up at Wacken, and whatever I end up picking up at NEDF and other shows between when I get back. Realistically, given the break and expected volume gain, this project is going to finish up around the end of September, covering nearly six months instead of the expected three. As should have been noted before this, I have stupidly too many metal shirts.

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