Saturday, July 04, 2009

Every Shirt XCVII: Wacken Mudfighters

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shirt: W:O:A Mudfighters
size: 2XL (EU)
vintage: 2005
provenance: catalog/festival

I normally take a dark view of buying festival merch by mail-order (seriously, go to the show and don't front), but this is an exception, and it came about as a result of some exceptional circumstances.

Wacken 2005
was the last "smallish" version of the festival -- "smallish" being "under 40,000" -- and a significant part of that may not have been just the growth curve, but that the weather went from "crappy" to "wretched" over the course of the festival, in the middle of a generally rotten festival season, weather-wise. My boots survived, but other people's did not. My tent and sleeping bag were junked immediately on return to Dresden. As a consolation to those who were there, the organizers printed up ten thousand of these shirts; underneath the silver print on the front is a splattered brown MUDFIGHTERS legend; the pun is on the Wacken Firefighters shirts of similar design generally available at the festival, and of course the sea of mud that was eating boots and cars and stuff whole. On the back's another mud splotch that's decayed with age, and the Englisch pun "very matsch metal". Of course, we don't translate 'sehr' as 'very much' in this sense in proper English, but the Germans don't have another word for mud that could sub into another phrase.

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