Saturday, July 11, 2009

Every Shirt CI: Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back In Time

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shirt: Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back In Time tour
size: 2XL (EU)
vintage: 2008
provenance: band

The front of this shirt is in many ways functionally identical to that other Powerslave shirt I have, except for being on a blue background because Maiden are wikkid stacked khed and don't have to print on normal black shirts if they don't feel like it. On the back are some more cool graphics, and also the short of casually impressive run of tour dates on five continents that you kind of expect out of Iron Maiden. All things considered, this is a really nice shirt that's almost worth the $35 I dropped on it; eventually, I would like to get a Maiden football strip at one of these gigs as well, but I have a hard time spending over $60 on shirts from the fitba team I actually support, let alone a band that I give enough money to already for CDs and concerts.

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