Thursday, July 02, 2009

this will, of course, end well

I understand that if people actually want to read about the upcoming W:O:A, the official site is over that way, and nothing is stopping people from doing so. I also understand that nobody reads this, and that any statistical noise in that "nobody" assessment probably also does not have a Wacken ticket, and thus does not care. Still, though, there are some things that are worth sharing.

The festival is less than a month away, and we're getting into the part where a lot of shit gets announced, both good (select sets being recorded live for cheap download), bad (Mago de Oz and Thin Lizzy cancelling what the hell), and WTF (this one). WTF, of course, because seriously, what else do you call hanging a Jaegermeister bar off a crane?

I'm a metalhead, and I drink Kraueterlikoers. I know many other metalheads who also like weird liquors made out of roots and herbs. And unambiguously, I forecast that it is a stupid idea to drink them when suspended 150 feet up in the air. They get you drunk, and make you do stupid things, and that is a long way to fall. The End; I will not get tagged for like $35 to send an international SMS while in the goddamned infield to get a chance to go on it, and I will assiduously avoid standing under it.

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