Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Every Shirt XCIII: Nokturnal Mortum

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shirt: Nokturnal Mortum - NeChrist
size: XL (EU)
vintage: 2005
provenance: festival

If this shirt had instead come up in the slot that the Napalm Death shirt fell into last week, it would have looked a mite suspicious, and required an explanation. Even so, there are probably going to be some people who wonder what the hell someone who likes Napalm Death (and Kreator, and Heaven Shall Burn, and Ignite, etc, etc) as much as noted in that post is doing with a NM shirt at all.

The reason is simple: I like Nokturnal Mortum. I'm not a fan of their politics, but they make good music, and this is the consideration that should matter the most. And in Europe, despite the antifa laws (which I'm also not a huge fan of) that we don't have here in the States, their material is a little easier to get ahold of. Hence this shirt at Wacken '05, and a tape comp of some old Graveland EPs probably personally set up by Varggoth, and an actual Temnozor record. It's tough to pull the wallet out, intellectually, but the fact that you're getting good music in return helps, and the knowledge that more of the bands that I support are actively left than actively right makes the political dimension more or less a wash.

I've only felt genuinely torn in buying one record for reasons of politics: Iced Earth's Glorious Burden. This is because Jon Schaffer was constantly bloviating about the rectitude of the neocons, who were actually affecting the world in a way that I didn't and don't agree with, and I was convinced that this political madness had made him write a mediocre record. In the end, I did buy it, found that this wasn't 100% true, but also that I already had the last half-hour of the disc in expanded form as Gettysburg and that Tim Owens is the worst lyricist in the history of ever. Seriously. Everyone bitching about Frank's lyrics on the new Suffocation, or that someone in Tankard thinks that "cruely" is an English word, needs to go re-read "Red Baron" and come back when they agree with this thesis.

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