Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Every Shirt LXXXVI: Necrophagist

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shirt: Necrophagist
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2006
provenance: festival

My contribution to the gigantic run on Necrophagist merch at NEMHF 2006 (it's buried in that mass of occasionally-completely-wrong-about-which-band-is-which text; lol@ Arsis as grind, what the fuck is that? More second-stage-schedule-screwups, plus of course me not listening to bands before going to see them), this was picked up the next day from a table in the vendor area, because the band's merch concession was completely sold out of anything remotely in my size by the time I got back there. It's getting almost trendy to dismiss Necrophagist, but look back on this and remember: back when nobody knew who they were, they came to the States and owned massive face and made converts. And if you let your mind go and listen to their records again, you see why.

I don't have a Summer Slaughter ticket yet, but I will, of course, despite said fest being six days before I hop a plane to the eastern half of my festival plans this year. Yes, half; SS, then W:O:A and Party.San, finishing off with NEDF at the end of August. Maybe I should count NEMHF, though it's not in the summer, or Witchstock, though it's not metal, but then things wouldn't balance out right.

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