Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Every Shirt LXXI: Cold Northern Vengeance

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shirt: Cold Northern Vengeance - Domination & Servitude
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2008
provenance: band

It's sometimes a little difficult to date CNV's work, because they tend to have a fair number of false starts as regards putting records out. Domination & Servitude was actually announced in '07 if I remember correctly, and didn't finally come out on Bindrune until the fall of '08. What's easier to date, though, is stuff like this, because I picked it up from them at a live show, and they and their associated bands don't play out much. This was from their slot supporting Watain in October; the other possibility would have been way back at the start of '07, but at that point, they were down to the very last of the Arising Dungeon Cult shirts, and Paul wasn't going to sell me an undersized shirt that I wasn't going to wear. Regardless, this is a neat shirt in silver print (kind of a thing in the folkish BM community, at least by the smallish sample space I have) that by its outstanding neutrality of design should help allay the lingering perception that the band is NSBM rather than NEBM with some weird philosophical precepts attached.

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