Friday, June 05, 2009

Every Shirt LXVIII: Tankard (Chinese)

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shirt: Tankard - Chinese baseball ringer
size: XL (EU)
vintage: 2006
provenance: catalog

This is one of my favorite shirts, and probably the genesis of the Nuclear Blast catalog pull that it came from, both for the cool yet simple design, and because it combines two of my abiding passions in metal and language geekery. For those who don't indulge in the second, the Chinese characters translate to "beer mug", so if I were to wear this to a work function, my Taiwanese boss would rip on me, saying something like "why you wear a shirt that just says Tankard twice on it?" The first two are the part that says "beer", so practice writing it if you think you may sometime get stranded in interior China without a booze supply. The second character from the left, if you ever find yourself in that situation, just means "alcohol", making it a good candidate for the one Chinese glyph to keep around for emergencies.

Nin hao, ninmen yao pi jiu ma? Wo xihuan, he pijiu.
Xiexie...daxie, gege le.
((glub glub glub))
Wo.....wo ai ni. Wo ai niimen dou. DOU!!!!

(don't blame me for the absence of tone marks, or if the slang isn't's been three years.)

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