Friday, June 05, 2009

Every Shirt LXVII: Cattle Decapitation

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shirt: Cattle Decapitation - Gore Not Core
size: 2XL (US)
vintage: 2007
provenance: band

Coming from their appearance on the 2007 Summer Slaughter round, this one features a back design taking off from the Black Circle's famous "No Mosh - No Core - No Fun - No Friends" motto, done as "No Breakdowns - No Combovers - No Karate - No Scene", superimposed over some metalcore dude picking up change. The irony is conscious, and, of course, intentional, because Cattle Decap is that hep to all corners of the scene -- and the irony is, of course, its own irony in the context of this design.

Ok, this entry is entirely too fucking meta for a description of a shirt that's fundamentally about shooting posers. On to something completely different.

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