Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Every Shirt CXXXIV: Dysentery

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shirt: Dysentery - Annihilation Is Salvation
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2009
provenance: band

Picked up, as with several other shirts recently, just before heading over to Europe, this is only one variation on a theme that Dysentery had working here -- and still does, to a lesser extent with their tour having cut down on the now-available selections -- of shirts with unconventional fabric/ink color combinations. This isn't, I don't think, so much to be accessible to the audience that the people who slur them as "wiggerslam" accuse them of trying to reach out to, but a practical commercial consideration in combating Black Shirt Fatigue, which is a significant risk if you're an underground death metal band trying to sell a black shirt with your logo on it in white ink: your target market has several hundred of these already (see, um, this entire series), and if yours does not stand out, it's staying in the bucket. Dysentery do have black shirts, too, and ones with the sick From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh cover art on them, but by having varicolored logo shirts too, they may pick up a few extra bucks along the lines of this purchase.

This shirt saw limited duty in Europe at the end of Wacken and the start of Berlin, and part of the ink on the back got clubbed off by some point in the wash process in Berlin. Still looks cool though.

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