Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coelem now 33% less kvlt

The prime criterion of black metal in too many people's minds is and has been kvltness; in short, how hard it is to get a bands releases, coupled with how inaccessible they are musically and how few other people like them. As of today, my one-man ambient/black metal project Coelem is 33% less kvlt, because any schlub can now get on the internet and get the entire Tenebral Presence single, which originally came out in a run of like 5 CDRs, from the official Coelem page. The Vexilla regis prodeunt infernii (original run: about 5 hand-dubbed cassettes) and Tendrils of Burnt Flesh Ensnare the Feeble-Willed (not actually ever issued) demos are still super-kvlt, though; I have the masters and eventually will probably be able to read from them someday, but that day is not today, and if you think you have either release, you are probably either confused or deluded.

Also, dig the snazzy new cover art, consisting of that shot of the moon from Party.San, some cheap fonts, and a mistake in my image-editing process. A lot better than the weird gray fractals that were on the cover the last time this was available -- and if you have that version, you probably have way more True Points than I do.

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