Saturday, September 05, 2009

Every Shirt CXLII: Amon Amarth - Viking Horde LS

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shirt: Amon Amarth - Viking Horde
size: 2XL (US)
vintage: 2006
provenance: band

Probably picked up at the Sounds of the Underground date that I didn't see the band on due to getting out of work late, this, like my other longsleeves, has a tendency to not get worn due to said sleeves. It's a little difficult to wear a longsleeve metal shirt underneath a short-sleeved workshirt, so I can't really wear it as an undershirt midweek, leaving two days a week as possibilities. The end of this project means I have to get through them now; thankfully this one is a little larger than the others and doesn't pinch my arms as much. That's the other reason I don't wear longsleeves much: I hate long sleeves and push the sleeves up on these, roll up anything that comes with cuffs. Cool sleeve designs are SOL; my forearms need to breathe.

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