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(5/)6 Micro-nations IV: Milan - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Strasbourg

12/5 - Milan to Liechtenstein to Strasbourg, both legs via Switzerland

First the drive out of Milan was a pain.  Then the Swiss customs police hit me with a 35-euro sticker I will use exactly today, despite it being good till the end of next year.  But I survived, and once past Lugano things got a lot cooler.

 photo m301_zps6200fcd2.jpg

301. Alps, just over the Swiss border.

302. Catching the dawn.  (DNCO)

 photo m303_zps3c338b6e.jpg

303. Covered in snow and pines.

 photo m304_zpsad75c55c.jpg

304. More scenery through the valleys.

v11. Chopper lifting something in the woods over the rest stop.

I couldn't pull any francs here, so I decided to take some pictures as long as I was off the highway.

 photo m305_zps9fddf837.jpg

305. Brilliant mountain skies.

 photo m306_zpsa921ce93.jpg

306. An imposing block in the early light.

 photo m307_zps777e98e4.jpg

307. Range over the minimart.

 photo m308_zpsc317d209.jpg

308. Back on the road, dawning for real.

 photo m309_zpsc49fad9c.jpg

309. Church and streaming heavens.

 photo m310_zpsba956014.jpg

310. Rugged peaks against the sky.

 photo m311_zpsfff1534a.jpg

311. White shadows in the distance.

 photo m312_zps7f7d74b9.jpg

312. Peak and opposite carriageway.

I got off and into Liechtenstein and stowed the car for as long as I could leave it, which was like 3 hours and change.  Time enough to see some stuff.

 photo m313_zps10148001.jpg

313. Switzerland, from across the Rhine in the FL.

 photo m314_zps9a57fb7b.jpg

314. Schloss above the town.

 photo m315_zpsc555d83b.jpg

315. Cash get, the one alternative currency used.

 photo m316_zpsb7391ab8.jpg

316. The black cube of the art museum; they're building a white one next to it.

 photo m317_zps91527764.jpg

317. Rathaus and plaza.

 photo m318_zps964a1708.jpg

318. Another view of city hall.

 photo m319_zps14184b4f.jpg

319. Corner detail and St. Andrew's contrails.

 photo m320_zps855aafb6.jpg

320. North out of town to the mountains.

 photo m321_zps3a740acc.jpg

321. Different definitions of practical.  No word on whether the Renault is a car or a motorcycle for Liechtensteiner purposes.

 photo m322_zps3787a5ee.jpg

322. Forested peak above Vaduz.

 photo m323_zps7ef05dc7.jpg

323. Classic-styled gasthof.

 photo m324_zps333090d8.jpg

324. Swiss mountains northwest.

 photo m325_zps30727bc0.jpg

325. Vineyard and alps beyond.

 photo m326_zps8950f121.jpg

326. Mountains over the "milk center".

 photo m327_zps0ad314ea.jpg

327. Another view of the castle from the Torkel (entrees from 50 CHF) parking lot.  Fuerstenkeller, fuerchtenpreisen.

 photo m328_zps13f3d28d.jpg

328. Misty peak to the south.

 photo m329_zps3a45edce.jpg

329. Closer view of the northern range.

 photo m330_zps5aa79f11.jpg

330. Literally, "back street".

 photo m331_zps3bc6e497.jpg

331. The sun coming over the mountains.

 photo m332_zpse5978910.jpg

332. Sky and ridgeline.

 photo m333_zpsb828b5a8.jpg

333. Brook and mountains beyond.

 photo m334_zpse8554d94.jpg

334. Traditional Wetterkreutz on the hike/bike path.

 photo m335_zps5bb82b92.jpg

335. Fountain in one of the few public spaces in town.

 photo m336_zpse6d6c6d3.jpg

336. The original energy bars.  Each stick is about 225 calories; this pack will do for breakfast and lunch.  I'm mostly herbivorous at home, but for space and caloric value, it's pretty hard to beat jaegerwurst when you're on the road.

 photo m337_zps78002f55.jpg

337. Another Alpen view.

 photo m338_zps08e3aa2f.jpg

338. Peaks over traditional houses.

 photo m339_zps9fd09b9a.jpg

339. Summit over the town.

 photo m340_zpsfcb0145b.jpg

340. Swiss slopes and a lone pine.

 photo m341_zps6f43456b.jpg

341. Alpen panorama from the fields east of town.

 photo m342_zpsf6fd5dd4.jpg

342. Closer on the mountains.

 photo m343_zps7f7c8e2a.jpg

343. Vaduz under the mountain.

 photo m344_zps1957a357.jpg

344. Alps and another Wetterkreutz.

v12. Baby goats play-fighting.

 photo m345_zps7b5a9a5c.jpg

345. FC Vaduz' ground; the views here are some of the few that won't lose to Luch'.

 photo m346_zps4f2762c9.jpg

346. Swiss alps behind the stands.

 photo m347_zpse2a5bb82.jpg

347. You'd think this was an open-air hockey ground.

 photo m348_zpscd84ab5e.jpg

348. Statt Suedtribune SGD.

 photo m349_zps3061948e.jpg

349. Another calendar shot.

350. ((not germane))

 photo m351_zps1b067c59.jpg

351. The Rhine makes its way north.

 photo m352_zpsedbea3e2.jpg

352. The sun on the river.  I didn't go see the rest of the planets, to the south at scaled distances.

 photo m353_zps93acf14d.jpg

353. Instead, I went in the water.

 photo m354_zpsa464e566.jpg

354. Upriver from the verge.

 photo m355_zpsa6dc3c76.jpg

355. Downriver, same point.

 photo m356_zps44e235bc.jpg

356. Up to the Swiss side.

 photo m357_zps2a4462eb.jpg

357. Summit of the peak over the town.

 photo m358_zps5e80900d.jpg

358. The goats from before hanging out.

 photo m359_zpsc3b4e94a.jpg

359. Whimsical murals and a steampunk thingy.

 photo v13_zpse2d7d163.png

"v"13. In the bus park public washroom.  Oddly, it isn't in Chinese, which is probably more useful for this app than Japanese or Korean.

Museum!  In the process I surprised some of the staffers with my actual provenance, in combination with my German ability -- they'd marked me, on the basis of a slight but still resident Saxon accent, as coming from the old East rather than the new West.  Iss nixt zoe 'ne zonderbare Zocke.

 photo m360_zpsea20ce23.jpg

360. Pottery from some of the earliest settlers.

 photo m361_zps8eaa99ce.jpg

361. Firepit for cooking.

 photo m362_zpsd3459c62.jpg

362. Hanseatic plate, even this far upriver.

 photo m363_zps86e3cf29.jpg

363. An incredibly realistic mannequin; replace the tunic with a kutte and the pemmican with a brat, and this guy would fit right in with any group of Germanic dudes at Party.San.

 photo m364_zps2eb24f07.jpg

364. Jewelry and amulets, prehistoric to medieval.

 photo m365_zpscfed0f85.jpg

365. Burials, as excavated.

 photo m366_zpse2b9729c.jpg

366. Buried after burning.

 photo m367_zps3dfdeec3.jpg

367. Devotional tapestry.

 photo m368_zps724cae0d.jpg

368. Wetterkreutz; the others pictured so far have been outside, in use, with a roof over them.

 photo m369_zps4644c267.jpg

369. Pre-Christian votive figurines.

 photo m370_zps28670569.jpg

370. Cast copies of helms found at a Roman castle near Schaan.

 photo m371_zps9a4b3861.jpg

371. Roman and medieval weapons.

 photo m372_zps200a0888.jpg

372. Replica of that castle that most of this Roman stuff was excavated from.

 photo m373_zpse8e63a95.jpg

373. Todesschild of a dying house.

 photo m374_zps9f5b2057.jpg

374. Cast of a noble's tomb plate.

 photo m375_zpsbaeecb6d.jpg

375. Scattered states after the fall of Rome.

 photo m376_zps6bca9c57.jpg

376. Sculpted roof timbers in the coin room.

 photo m377_zpsa57031b8.jpg

377. Old coins; some of these are worn smaller than modern 1-Eurocent pieces.

 photo m378_zpsa2e0229f.jpg

378. Traditional schnaps still -- in use into the 20th century.

 photo m379_zps46980003.jpg

379. Games in the lifestyle exhibit; wonder if the top one has a mechanic for putting other players' pieces into concentration camps.

 photo m380_zps111fd559.jpg

380. Fireworks for Fasching.

 photo m381_zpse88f980f.jpg

381. Masks and cartouches.

 photo m382_zps42bf3245.jpg

382. Wood striker; this replaced church bells on Good Friday.

 photo m383_zps7729e6ba.jpg

383. Rules of the Church Police.

 photo m384_zpsd93801ea.jpg

384. Princely crest.

 photo m385_zpsc67267c1.jpg

385. The current prince.

 photo m386_zps174a2b74.jpg

386. Artifacts of the bicentennial; I missed the tricentennial by at least a year.

 photo m387_zpsc39accdc.jpg

387. If I couldn't get a cap onto my wall, this'd have to do.  I was able to get one at the Coop later though, the only Liechtensteiner beer with a distinctive cap.

 photo m388_zps8768fd0a.jpg

388. Old map of Switzerland.

 photo m389_zps7f10b866.jpg

389. Despite its size, Liechtenstein supports two papers.

 photo m390_zps27798875.jpg

390. Old scales and princely decrees.

 photo m391_zps2989fd5a.jpg

391. Official weights and measures.

 photo m392_zpsdbd8e4da.jpg

392. Farmhouse replica, to the mid-1800s.

 photo m393_zps16f21b6a.jpg

393. From the princely collection, painted from the Swiss side.  See 328 above for the current mountain.

 photo m394_zpsfd4a473e.jpg

394. Parliamentary voting box, in use basically from the start of the Landtag up until the start of electronic tabulation.

 photo m395_zps23bf8e7c.jpg

395. Liechtenstein has a surprisingly active political scene.

 photo m396_zps888f0bbe.jpg

396. The man who helped Liechtenstein avoid becoming Lutia.  Johann II, still styled "the Good" by locals, guided the transition to modernity and navigated the era of the first World War, leaving the country a significantly better place than he found it.  Liechtenstein is mostly independent today because it happened to win the genetic lottery with this man and his great-grandnephew Franz-Josef II.

 photo m397_zps1c48eea3.jpg

397. Police equipment and strike dies.

 photo m398_zps94860e76.jpg

398. Similar artifacts of the army.

 photo m399_zpse7cc158a.jpg

399. Veterans and discharges.

 photo m400_zps3d35ecad.jpg

400. Remaining equipment.  Liechtenstein abolished its military for budgetary reasons in 1868, as soon as Bismarck dissolved what was left of the Holy Roman Empire.

 photo m401_zps60e9d120.jpg

401. Memorial plaque; the victims of the local witchcraft hysteria are remembered.

 photo m402_zpscdfd4a79.jpg

402. This hall notes all of them; like Massachusetts Bay, the madness came late to a small country, so the number of victims is relatively small.  Ten or fifteen women murdered on the say-so of someone's hallucinations was a slow morning in Scotland or Spain two hundred years earlier.

 photo m403_zps778c0b07.jpg

403. Diplomas in agriculture.

 photo m404_zps2de2e2ee.jpg

404. These must be the old machines of Liechtenstein.

 photo m405_zps2fa9aba9.jpg

405. Passports used to look like this.

 photo m406_zps906b9fbf.jpg

406. Teachers of the principality; a hundred years before this was taken, nearly all Liechtensteiners were illiterate, as you'd expect from a subsistence-farming nation bordered by a mostly-dry river and ramparts of impassable mountains.

 photo m407_zpsf88acf57.jpg

407. Recreation of an old schoolroom.

 photo m408_zpsf4bd2a73.jpg

408. Old-school telephones.

 photo m409_zpsdf86d7f9.jpg

409. Old and new; I had a handy much like the Motorola at left when I was living in Germany, less than ten years ago, and by today's standards, it really is a museum piece.

 photo m410_zpsce2db312.jpg

410. Wall of hand tools.

 photo m411_zpse278741d.jpg

411. Carved antlers from the Roman period.

 photo m412_zps536b030a.jpg

412. Modern products of Beltzer AG.

 photo m413_zpse017d3d8.jpg

413. Intro to the special exhibition on the nonschluss.

 photo m414_zps37653101.jpg

414. Explains itself.

 photo m415_zpsbe165381.jpg

415. Even here, the '30s were the '30s.

 photo m416_zpsedec5261.jpg

416. Explicit plans from official sources.

 photo m417_zps7e986784.jpg

417. Local Nazis and the reaction.

 photo m418_zpsa5f896b7.jpg

418. The border with Austria is small and rough, but was useful to a degree.

 photo m419_zpse6d36cfd.jpg

419. Franz-Josef sets the example for Belgium.

 photo m420_zps216aeb65.jpg

420. Stuffed heads to the upper hall.

 photo m421_zps183c1a41.jpg

421. Diorama of local wildlife.

422. ((not germane))

 photo m423_zps95a28296.jpg

423. The macabre Germanic trophy style.

 photo m424_zpsc28f0f10.jpg

424. Woodland inhabitants, for the Auerhahn.

 photo m425_zps0c1b1e25.jpg

425. What in the freakish hell?

 photo m426_zps55856f60.jpg

426. Yes, I did pet the boar.

 photo m427_zpscf7813bf.jpg

427. Twenty species to four in eighty years.  We need to stop killing ourselves.

 photo m428_zpsd25d5b16.jpg

428. Collection of Russian ikons, another special exhibit.

 photo m429_zps62a7c1f5.jpg

429. In the "Sexperts" exhibition, a special presentation about animals fucking.

 photo m430_zps889ab0e3.jpg

430. Seriously.  This is here until mid-January.

 photo m431_zps3dad0424.jpg

431. Stuffed heads from the top landing.

The museum done, I hit the road before my parking meter expired.

 photo m432_zps24981df5.jpg

432. Crossing to the Swiss side, into the wall.

 photo m433_zps1c0ed9c3.jpg

433. Mountains tower over the valley.

 photo m434_zps581d2686.jpg

434. Sharp crag to the southwest.

 photo m435_zpsed35d384.jpg

435. More exposed rock.

 photo m436_zpsa4d93675.jpg

436. Stacked up over the highway.

437. I am immature.  (DNCO)

 photo m438_zpsfd878e12.jpg

438. The wall at the end of the valley.

 photo m439_zps5e550a3d.jpg

439. Mountains along the road.

 photo m440_zpse2a6d4fd.jpg

440. Alps behind Alps.

 photo m441_zpsf12f0b51.jpg

441. High castle on that ridge.

 photo m442_zps901f688c.jpg

442. A line of broken-out peaks.

 photo m443_zpsd7f931ce.jpg

443. Church on an outcropping.

 photo m444_zps69a357ae.jpg

444. Wide shot of the valley.

 photo m445_zps574a471d.jpg

445. Still more mountains.

 photo m446_zpscd8b5ae1.jpg

446. Going past the ridge.

 photo m447_zps4868cf6f.jpg

447. Mountains sloping down.

 photo m448_zps32e8ca7e.jpg

448. Mountains along the Wallensee.

 photo m449_zps3ac6e38b.jpg

449. Church on the curve.

 photo m450_zpsce291da9.jpg

450. Still ringing the Wallensee.

 photo m451_zps63380f77.jpg

451. Trying to get the town below, not very well.

 photo m452_zps3d0e49f7.jpg

452. Chopper warming up on a snowy field.

Going through Switzerland, I stopped for a 78-franc fuel bill, probably the most I've ever paid for gas in one shot, and a bag of wiper fluid.  While filling up the fluid reservoir, I opened the oil cap on a whim, because I was closing in on 25000 km and the mandated service interval.  Wisps of smoke came out.  So I went back in the gas station and spent goddamned 28 francs on a liter of all-synthetic motor oil as mandated by the manufacturer, because the last thing I needed was to melt the engine.  It took all of it, which I guess is a good indicator that all was not right with the reservoir, and for the rest of the trip I tried to avoid pushing the car too hard.

 photo m453_zps30b9eba0.jpg

453. Rappers will what?

 photo m454_zps7add04a1.jpg

454. Town on the Wallensee.

 photo m455_zpsd1783cc2.jpg

455. Snowy fields on the other side.

 photo m456_zpsd5a16fb3.jpg

456. More of the lower shore.

 photo m457_zpsbf034e2a.jpg

457. If you laugh at this, report to Otakus Anonymous immediately.  No link, if you don't know what it is, it's probably for the best.

 photo m458_zps0604d29f.jpg

458. My Swiss toll sticker back in France.  It was, as mentioned, a little expensive for one day, but I paid more on single toll bills in both Italy and France.

 photo m459_zpsa33a2650.jpg

459. L'Alsace.

 photo m460_zpse9e0d898.jpg

460. More toplit Alsatian skies.

v14. Along the road north to Strasbourg.

 photo m461_zps7de883dd.jpg

461. Hills under the clouds.

462. Agriculture to the east.  (DNCO)

 photo m463_zps4453ad48.jpg

463. The weather makes it over the mountains with difficulty.

I was a little nervous about tire pressure here -- they felt soft in Switzerland, but a lot of that appeared to be the cold by the time I got to Strasbourg -- but I reloaded the oil as described, which is always the most critical, and everything else appears to be behaving, thanks to the wiper reload and my legendarily light touch on the brakes.  This could change rapidly, but I was back in the country I rented it in, with gas stations about and mechanics who know what a C4 is.  One more leg to the finish.

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