Tuesday, August 06, 2013

RTW2013 Leg 5: Vladivostok and attempts to go to Ussuriysk

7/4 - Vladivostok

Today's pretty simple: book Japan, pull that info out, check the reg situation, then plan and do as much as possible of my Vladivostok tourism.

Sunrise is late here (because we're not actually GMT+11, duh) and gray, so I actually have to set an alarm for 7 to wake up in time to get cracking.  If I take an evening bus back from Harbin, it may be easier to catch, but not only will I not see anything on the way back, I'll arrive still effectively in the middle of the night.

Cut another damn lace -- same boot -- this morning.  Good thing I have spares and backups to the spares.

I didn't ask about re-reg, but will tonight.  It's not important till tomorrow anyway.  I'm apparently running an hour fast, as the battery hasn't opened yet.  Oh well; time to take a break and write up some pics, and decide if I like kvas.

 photo rtw0397_zps253e9020.jpg

0397. Graffiti dudes on a wall between Port Royal and the hotel.

 photo rtw0398_zps03107e87.jpg

0398. This isn't an ad, it's a real city sign.

 photo rtw0399_zps2b5adba7.jpg

0399. Fishing boat out in Amur Bay.

 photo rtw0400_zpsed36cf0d.jpg

0400. Real liquid bread.  It's not out of an actual бочка, but I figure "Mug and Keg" brand kvas is at least a decent imitation of artisanal, at least as I'll get here on the foggy east coast.  Kvas, for the uninitiated, is a Russian traditional beverage made by fermenting leftover black bread, customarily sold out of a tank on the street in the summer months.  It's got a sweet-and-sour taste that is not directly comparable to anything that Americans are familiar with; maybe a Goya malt soda, only not bad.  As indicated, this isn't a taste-and-bin, but as long as there are uncollected beer caps, I'm probably not going to lay any more in.

 photo rtw0401_zpsf1f7666e.jpg

0401. Sovietism: smokestack and Olympic sports center.

 photo rtw0402_zps909d9e64.jpg

0402. Do we call this Инглиц (Inglits)?  The idea is green+drink, but putting it together like this looks silly.

 photo rtw0403_zps462578b2.jpg

0403. Subduction zone.  A perennial problem in Vladivostok, which is kind of built on a vertical seamount.  When the fill underneath goes, the pavement is next.

 photo rtw0404_zps58ca85bb.jpg

0404. Chinese gate at the end of the sports complex.

Battery museum!

 photo rtw0405_zps27dbf207.jpg

0405. Up the steps to the first emplacements.

 photo rtw0406_zps055718a5.jpg

0406. Further up; anti-air weapons.

 photo rtw0407_zps0d95cc15.jpg

0407. The fort is still garrisoned.

 photo rtw0408_zps010ac3bb.jpg

0408. Inside the berm.

 photo rtw0409_zps0080d8c9.jpg

0409. Back of the signboard; view of the beach in earlier times.

 photo rtw0410_zps393c8ec3.jpg

0410. 12.7mm ammo can, converted to a wastebasket.

 photo rtw0411_zps7237cd06.jpg

0411. Vladivostok from the fortress crest.

 photo rtw0412_zps68aeb086.jpg

0412. AA mount and the start of the casemates.

 photo rtw0413_zpsfe327c7e.jpg

0413. Torpedo and wall gun.

 photo rtw0414_zps1c6fd05a.jpg

0414. Courtyard and museum door.

 photo rtw0415_zps0cdf71a5.jpg

0415. Inside; artifacts from pre-Russian occupants.

 photo rtw0416_zpsf733ec7f.jpg

0416. Map of early settlements.

 photo rtw0417_zps3bf21936.jpg

0417. Full view, old Vladivostok crest.

 photo rtw0418_zps70862cdb.jpg

0418. Bust of Semonov, founder of the Russian city here.

 photo rtw0419_zps4082ddb7.jpg

0419. View of old fortifications; stand-in since I can't get to Dalian.  The defenses here were on the same model as Port Arthur, which is a good deal more famous.

 photo rtw0420_zps69cc1ea8.jpg

0420. Fort diorama and old shell.

 photo rtw0421_zps22efcda9.jpg

0421. More 11" shells.

 photo rtw0422_zpsde71788e.jpg

0422. Old fortress gun cast into a concrete plug.  The garrison jury-rigged these due to a lack of modern artillery in the Russo-Japanese War; the concrete helped reduce the chance of barrel burst with modern powder and prevented the Japanese from picking off the gunners, since the guns mounted this way were old beaters that were easily outranged by the more modern cannon on the attacking ships.  Absurdity from ingenuity, the Russian way.

 photo rtw0423_zps8d5ec56c.jpg

0423. Slate for 0422.

 photo rtw0424_zps538e15bc.jpg

0424. Old harquebuses and fortress guns.

 photo rtw0425_zps3af962c3.jpg

0425. Fort collection of modern weapons; the fort used to be a training center as well, hence the representative NATO stuff.

 photo rtw0426_zps76bb0265.jpg

0426. Communism corner.

 photo rtw0427_zps82238c32.jpg

0427. Confiscated from the (pre-revolutionary) opium dens.

 photo rtw0428_zps6507b024.jpg

0428. More police seizures -- everything from nunchucks to a sharpened fencing foil.

 photo rtw0429_zpsed268a13.jpg

0429. Automatic grenade launcher.

 photo rtw0430_zps13e81438.jpg

0430. Machine gun carriages from the Civil War era.

 photo rtw0431_zps7c000775.jpg

0431. Breech chunk of a 9" gun.

 photo rtw0432_zps08f49edc.jpg

0432. Fortress casemate diorama.

 photo rtw0433_zpsc5dcbee4.jpg

0433. Shell fragments recovered during renovation.

 photo rtw0434_zps32adc193.jpg

0434. Ammo tray for a 20mm quick-firer.

 photo rtw0435_zps11127aba.jpg

0435. Garrison arms from Bredan to AK-47.

 photo rtw0436_zps683b5a8b.jpg

0436. Exhibit hall view.

 photo rtw0437_zps9e214a30.jpg

0437. Japanese-built Colt-Browning .50.

 photo rtw0438_zps27f7ca95.jpg

0438. Recovered from Japanese troops in Manchuria.

 photo rtw0439_zpsbf0cc95b.jpg

0439. Memorial slab, outside.

 photo rtw0440_zps05da1cb1.jpg

0440. Naval ensign over the casemates.

 photo rtw0441_zps51b6d4cd.jpg

0441. Ikon in the fortress wall.

 photo rtw0442_zps9d0e24b1.jpg

0442. Along the casemates.

 photo rtw0443_zpsa9ee5c1c.jpg

0443. AA carriages in the courtyard.

 photo rtw0444_zps01669d65.jpg

0444. 1900 impression date and wall.

 photo rtw0445_zpse4b074e8.jpg

0445. AK-160 minigun.

 photo rtw0446_zpsa2c45178.jpg

0446. '50s-vintage heavy cruiser gun.

 photo rtw0447_zpsc411099c.jpg

0447. Ships off the main pier.

The rain made it a little troublesome to write, but I've got this done up, and it's time to move on.  Next point: the regional history museum.

 photo rtw0448_zps447551ea.jpg

0448. Up the hill; a real Asian look.

 photo rtw0449_zps9f4e1e19.jpg

0449. Go-kart hall in Soviet style.  Most of downtown Vladivostok is pre- or post-communist, so this '70s Soviet modernism is wicked rare.

 photo rtw0450_zps4d27eae4.jpg

0450. Cover-up.  A Soviet-era mural is slowly obscured by new development.

 photo rtw0451_zpsda6437ca.jpg

0451. The FESCO clock; more of a sculpture than a functioning timepiece.

It's still pretty early, so I can finish this Myel'nik (windmill something), do the local history museum, and then get lunch and/or provisions before hiking around the Horn to the marine cemetery.  Tour hard.

Local History Museum!

The well-famed tiger versus bear area was closed for renovations, but the actual exhibits weren't.

 photo rtw0452_zpsfbf6842c.jpg

0452. Doors in the stairwell; under renovation.

 photo rtw0453_zps6df29304.jpg

0453. No banister, no problem.

 photo rtw0454_zpsafd80080.jpg

0454. Cut stained-glass window.

 photo rtw0455_zps7bd77467.jpg

0455. Side view -- this is too badass for words.

 photo rtw0456_zps5e083790.jpg

0456. Artifacts of Russian China; this probably isn't part of the Larissa Andersen collection, but folk should look her up anyway.  A f'real Russian Millennium Actress.

 photo rtw0457_zpse04e7d11.jpg

0457. Carved chest, same exhibit.

 photo rtw0458_zps608ca880.jpg

0458. Artifacts of the Harbin and Shanghai concessions.

 photo rtw0459_zps5e014f8d.jpg

0459. Old Harbin view and a contemporary gramophone.

 photo rtw0460_zps2b46b780.jpg

0460. Russian cold steel.

 photo rtw0461_zps37fbf5dd.jpg

0461. Japanese, from the same exhibit.  There was a lecture going on in this room, and I prioritized not disturbing others over getting non-blurry pictures...and really, you can see samurai swords whenever the hell you want.

 photo rtw0462_zpsfbba51c9.jpg

0462. Chinese swords: nice form, horrible craft, all they've got going for them is blade thickness.

 photo rtw0463_zps154f271d.jpg

0463. "Post Russia" introductory plaque.  This was a cool art installation.

 photo rtw0464_zpsb69b82d4.jpg

0464. View of most of the exhibit.

 photo rtw0465_zps37f07475.jpg

0465. All meine alte Deutschen put ya haende up, yo.

 photo rtw0466_zps234892cc.jpg

0466. Break-in relief.  This part of the museum was under renovation and not technically open, but it's Russia, shit's not locked or guarded or anything, so I went in, rolling my heels, and saw some cool stuff, including this.

Moving on; got to hike around the Horn in the wind and rain.

 photo rtw0467_zps2dd31842.jpg

0467. War memorial stela on the harbor.

 photo rtw0468_zps7d782bac.jpg

0468. PBF goes to kindergarten.

 photo rtw0469_zps63701f0a.jpg

0469. Dwarflord-looking-guy in a parklet.

 photo rtw0470_zps9b8bd386.jpg

0470. Reconstructed Nicholas Arch, same park.

 photo rtw0471_zps4a1f1f18.jpg

0471. Pre-Soviet bosses in the wall of a restaurant.

 photo rtw0472_zpsbaf4b643.jpg

0472. Assist mirror.  Vladivostok is legendarily full of RHD cars with bad sight lines; these aftermarket mirrors give better outside (not "driver's side") visibility, and hopefully cut down on accidents.

 photo rtw0473_zps0361b0d6.jpg

0473. Under the bridge.  The Golden Link is also pedestrian-enabled, and I hope to come back topside.

 photo rtw0474_zps8400fb75.jpg

0474. The former location of the ASW memorial.

 photo rtw0475_zps348936b0.jpg

0475. Up under the underside.

 photo rtw0476_zps8f497d9b.jpg

0476. ASW memorial; moved to still have a harbor view instead of bridge pylons.

 photo rtw0477_zps7d8dd524.jpg

0477. Plaques for individual ships.

 photo rtw0478_zpsa4c93433.jpg

0478. Pacific Fleet, anchored under the bridge.

 photo rtw0479_zps46597b2e.jpg

0479. Mooring pier, further along.

 photo rtw0480_zps83b97813.jpg

0480. Badass view under the Golden Link.

 photo rtw0481_zps35620aff.jpg

0481. Onion domes and boxing promotion; Russia in the popular mind.

 photo rtw0482_zps4df24ad2.jpg

0482. Navy monument, looking out to the Horn.

 photo rtw0483_zps3f2a102b.jpg

0483. Watch dogs?  Moar liek screw-around-or-whatever dogs.

Another break, drain the other beer out; there's still pickles for the rest of the way, and it's not like south Vladivostok is uninhabited.

 photo rtw0484_zpsddc632ab.jpg

0484. Orthodox priest on his celly.  Black robes, so it's probably his wife giving him the business.

As it turned out, no marine cemetery, but I did hike the Golden Link, which is something at least.

 photo rtw0485_zps29966def.jpg

0485. Memorial to the fallen of the Russo-Japanese War.

 photo rtw0486_zpsbdc9e4e3.jpg

0486. Pacific Fleet museum courtyard.  The actual museum was closed.

 photo rtw0487_zpsb046ddd5.jpg

0487. Japanese light tank, select shot.

 photo rtw0488_zpsce0f8bd5.jpg

0488. Russian PT boat.

 photo rtw0489_zps55717765.jpg

0489. Minisub; this thing is like Huntley scale.

 photo rtw0490_zps07e4f839.jpg

0490. That Japanese tank, close view.

 photo rtw0491_zpse6aa35ce.jpg

0491. Hat for scale.  This thing had a crew of 3 (driver, gunner/commander, loader), but is like mobile-suit sized for the likes of me.

 photo rtw0492_zps8a16cddd.jpg

0492. Admiral Kuznetsov memorial plaque, actual museum.

 photo rtw0493_zps5fff97c5.jpg

0493. Crest of a northeast Vladi hill.

 photo rtw0494_zps9e2d6fb7.jpg

0494. Panel of a Soviet-era public art piece.

 photo rtw0495_zpse9927e6e.jpg

0495. Non-Orthodox church.

 photo rtw0496_zpsf059e0e7.jpg

0496. Another memorial to fighters in the East.

 photo rtw0497_zps120dcbd2.jpg

0497. Soviet mural, heading into east Vladivostok.

 photo rtw0498_zps26e29f09.jpg

0498. Up into the east Vladivostok hills.

 photo rtw0499_zps6dab9b2d.jpg

0499. East Vladi panorama; the east end of the Horn.

 photo rtw0500_zpsd54f040f.jpg

0500. Traditional kvas dispenser.

 photo rtw0501_zps65951594.jpg

0501. Railroad bridge underside; cool view, bad place to get stuck.  One mad dash a hundred feet on, though, and I was in the clear.

 photo rtw0502_zpsf2bb0954.jpg

0502. Culvert, south Vladivostok.

 photo rtw0503_zpsdb4b4574.jpg

0503. Rail spur back to the east.

 photo rtw0504_zps163ff20b.jpg

0504. Whuuuuuuut??!

 photo rtw0505_zps7d5d07c1.jpg

0505. Soviet-era wall art.

 photo rtw0506_zpsf1905ec3.jpg

0506. North across the Horn.

 photo rtw0507_zps6374d68a.jpg

0507. Tower crane and north hillside.

 photo rtw0508_zps02f00de3.jpg

0508. Graffitied Soviet mosaic.

 photo rtw0509_zps739f0c8b.jpg

0509. North to the navy drydock.

 photo rtw0510_zpsc917ce11.jpg

0510. Lumber depot on this side.

 photo rtw0511_zps0f3c56a5.jpg

0511. Memorial stone for 1901, and also the entrance to a hillside hobo camp.

 photo rtw0512_zpse27c1332.jpg

0512. Foot of the Golden Link.

 photo rtw0513_zpsa154562d.jpg

0513. Bridge towers north.

 photo rtw0514_zps687b77a0.jpg

0514. The poorly-sited Hotel Meridian.  Seriously, why on earth -- excepting business on this side -- would you stay short-term in south Vladivostok?

 photo rtw0515_zps8f193cfc.jpg

0515. Up the span.  Foot traffic's allowed 7am-9pm.

 photo rtw0516_zps24444363.jpg

0516. Yeah, I hiked across this.

 photo rtw0517_zps363d5414.jpg

0517. Guided-missile cruiser berthed on the north side -- those things that in the US fleet, you'd expect to be torpedo tubes, are for surface-to-surface anti-ship missiles.  This is what you do when you can't build anything big enough to stage modern fighters out of correctly.  Almost certainly Varyag.

 photo rtw0518_zps1a1e1675.jpg

0518. Tall ship in the harbor.

 photo rtw0519_zps5a5bcb47.jpg

0519. Down to the Dimitry Donskoy -- not the SSBN, just a normal surface ship with the name.

 photo rtw0520_zps2d1cfbfe.jpg

0520. Long shot along the south shore.

 photo rtw0521_zpsff7166fa.jpg

0521. Northwest into the crook of the Horn.

 photo rtw0522_zps0142586a.jpg

0522. East Vladivostok, lost in fog.

 photo rtw0523_zps034b6fe4.jpg

0523. Far hill to the southwest.

 photo rtw0524_zpsa1b28433.jpg

0524. Frigates of the Pacific Fleet.

 photo rtw0525_zps16ec9fa9.jpg

0525. Along Svetlanskaya, high above.

 photo rtw0526_zpsf83a563c.jpg

0526. Reminder of the old days.

 photo rtw0527_zps01d21ab4.jpg

0527. Statue and sarcophagus (?) of Duke Nikolai, headed westbound and down.

Well, that was an experience.  If you've never done a crap with a knife between your teeth because the cubicle door has gotten kicked in at some point and won't close, come on down to Russia.  It's a goddamned trip.

Tomorrow, I find out about registration and decide if I'm going to China.  If not, "new beer and crab chips" sounds like an excellent plan till I sail for Japan.

7/5 - Vladivostok

Today's the decision: if it's possible to get my current reg, and if I can confirm transit links, I head out to China tonight, leaving most of my gear in place.  This is kind of risky, but you can take risks, or you can avoid fun things.  If it's not going to come off, oh well; I'm sure I can fill the two days in the schedule with something else, probably that day trip to Ussuriysk and another hike over the Golden Link to the Marine cemetery.

Well, the registration was super easy.  Now for the bus parts...

No out from Harbin -- plane too late, train too slow, bus too unreliable and beureaucratic.  That being decided, I don't need to change any of my USD for RMB.  I do, however, need to go to the train station to check times and prices to Ussuriysk before going completely hog wild on caps and crab chips.  I spent more than intended yesterday, but some will last and other was museums.  Souvenirs can probably wait till Japan.

 photo rtw0528_zps2105fc59.jpg

0528. In case of terrorism.  These government-issue posters are just hung up in the hotel.  It's informative to know about blast radii I guess?

 photo rtw0529_zps8236bd89.jpg

0529. Exactly what you want a port-town, beachside bar to be called.  Now that I'm in town for the weekend, I can probably go up here and get a bite, or at least pester the staff until they put on Running Wild.

 photo rtw0530_zps3c38fceb.jpg

0530. Mural/sign in front of the market.

It's a good thing I don't actually need to go anywhere today, because my left knee is throbbing at a low boil, complaining of all the punishment I threw at it yesterday.  Thus, in addition to two packs of crab ships and five new caps -- there's probably less than 10 left, and then I have to hit the minimart on Svetlanskaya and pay their dumb prices -- I have a bag of dried shredded squid for protein content; bread, beer, and pickles don't have much in the way of Rohstoff for joint rebuilds.

Critically, the local produkti has Haerpi.  I thus get both normal and limited-edition caps without setting foot in China.  Apparently, this beer -- or at least the variants on immediate offer -- is like 3.5%.  It's hot and sticky enough out that I'm not complaining, but srsly.  Illusions shattered.

 photo rtw0531_zpsdb0ecd90.jpg

0531. Ships out on the bay.

 photo rtw0532_zps8995e13b.jpg

0532. The fog gets caught on the towers.

Because it was late and I didn't have much in the way of proper food today, I went out and hit up the produki again.  Barring cans and American beers, I'm pretty sure I've completed all the unique caps from this place, which brings me to 40 on the trip.  There are other pick-your-own opportunities in Vladivostok, but as I've found, they tend to be more expensive than this one.  Also:

 photo rtw0533_zpsb7fda586.jpg

0533. "In my country, we have only one kind of cheese -- it's called cheese!"

Yes, lulz, ok.

Tomorrow, despite dawning in Russia rather than China, is full of possibilities.  I need to check about setting up a Ussuriysk trip for Monday (tomorrow's too soon and stuff may be closed on Sunday), see if Luch has a home game soon, and then finish off the last of my pre-planned tourpoints.

7/6 - still Vladivostok

The fog's cleared off a little -- I can see the headland on the other side of the inlet now -- but it's still hanging over everything.  This is mostly an off day, and tomorrow may be as well, but there's still stuff to do, and if I can keep the boil on, I can get it done.

My knee's feeling a little better, but I pushed it really hard Thursday, so in a way these largely rest days are a good thing.  There's no good way across the main hill of southwest Vladivostok, and I want to be sure it's in top condition before I have to go back across it in full pack Wednesday morning.

 photo rtw0534_zps87969a39.jpg

0534. Far shore, socked in.  There are often ships in the anchorage off the point, but with the fog coming in last night, they all cleared off for deeper and wider waters.

For Ussuriysk, the bus appears to be the best bet; about 2 hours on, so if I can get the 7:40 I'll be golden -- and if not, there's a 9:25 and 9:50.  I'll need provisions, but that shouldn't be too hard.  Return is unspecified, but probably close to a 2:15 offset from departures.  Now I just need to find the bus station...

It's going to be a hike of several kicks to the bus station if I can't figure out a quicker way, but why not?  Let's move and see if it's realistic.

I didn't find the bus station.  However, I did find a pretty neat 3-hour hike, and a parade in the bargain.

 photo rtw0535_zps39e3a022.jpg

0535. This event area is packed for what turned out to be dragon boat races.

 photo rtw0536_zps8cc07586.jpg

0536. Powering in.

 photo rtw0537_zpsf9eed38f.jpg

0537. Ship out in the bay beyond.

 photo rtw0538_zps65701e5a.jpg

0538. An old-style open car takes some newlyweds up from the battery embankment to the center.

 photo rtw0539_zpsa9428e9a.jpg

0539. Crossing over; a more pedestrian marker.

As soon as you cross the tracks, you're immediately out of the urban bustle and into quiet residential streets.  It's about as sharp a transition as you'll find.

 photo rtw0540_zps6f55af35.jpg

0540. Traps from the pedestrian side.

 photo rtw0541_zps0fa95bef.jpg

0541. Sweep of the tracks off to the north.

 photo rtw0542_zpsde7b169a.jpg

0542. Graffiti on the rail embankment.

 photo rtw0543_zps81d78883.jpg

0543. Overgrowth and pipeline.

 photo rtw0544_zpsc5be02f1.jpg

0544. Steps up to the tracks to cross back over.

 photo rtw0545_zpsc1de4c55.jpg

0545. Defaced caution sign.

 photo rtw0546_zps4dd7e59c.jpg

0546. New construction and container terminal.

 photo rtw0547_zpsb4d741cf.jpg

0547. Plastic deer and Christmas stuff on a Chinese restaurant.  Ok then.

 photo rtw0548_zpse0830651.jpg

0548. So there's where those guys from the Hilltop ended up...

 photo rtw0549_zpsc712f9e5.jpg

0549. Name bricked in.  Most of the time Soviet construction puts the build date like this.

 photo rtw0550_zps3b8a50f6.jpg

0550. Orthodox church and tower crane.

 photo rtw0551_zpse8b4d1b2.jpg

0551. Closer to the church.

 photo rtw0552_zps253bf37c.jpg

0552. Different angle, more towers.

 photo rtw0553_zps2ee07ee7.jpg

0553. Murals on the erosion control wall.

 photo rtw0554_zps0bb54e84.jpg

0554. Close-up on the Imperial fleet.

 photo rtw0555_zps4452a58c.jpg

0555. More mural sections.

 photo rtw0556_zpsb8e063ee.jpg

0556. Ship mural on an apartment building.

video10: Head of the parade.

 photo rtw0557_zpsafaa2400.jpg

0557. We have SUVimos, Russia has stretch vans.

 photo rtw0558_zps1995a562.jpg

0558. The parade stacks up over the hill.

 photo rtw0559_zps6c03838b.jpg

0559. Red banners advance; yes, it's 2013.

The people carrying the flags looked like members of a veterans' association, in which case it's not real surprising.

 photo rtw0560_zpsde50dd24.jpg

0560. A group of Chinese marines watches the parade.

 photo rtw0561_zpse89fd222.jpg

0561. Back west; blue sky in the center, but the hills hold the fog in here.

 photo rtw0562_zps9111f7d7.jpg

0562. Iron Angels MC local chapter taking a break.

So today was a good day after all...and I just need to figure out how and when I'm doing Ussuriysk, and I'll be fair well set on Russia.

 photo rtw0563_zps2f03758d.jpg

0563. Afternoon; the sun's drifting off to the west, and it's burned off all the fog.

 photo rtw0564_zps9c5597ba.jpg

0564. Actually-visible ships in the anchorage.

 photo rtw0565_zpsd23bc624.jpg

0565. Glorious sunset.  There's no need for the sun to be going down at 10 PM at this latitude.

 photo rtw0566_zpse2214a0b.jpg

0566. Ship and burning clouds.

So I didn't end up going out, but that's ok.  I did a lot in the morning, and if I push it I can probably do Ussuriysk and (or at least or) bars tomorrow.

7/7 - Vladivostok

One way or another, I'm going to figure out how to do Ussuriysk today, and hopefully get it done as well.  The two-hour trip is a little heavy, but sunset comes late here for no reason, and I'm seriously out of other stuff to do in the three days remaining before I sail.  Train to bus of bus to to bus or train and feet, I'm gonna make this work.


So I got on the 60 bus going the wrong way.  And it's not a loop.  On the plus side, I got to see a lot of southwest Vladivostok that I otherwise would not have.

 photo rtw0567_zps4c01ebea.jpg

0567. Light filters down across the ridge.

 photo rtw0568_zps21e7f9fe.jpg

0568. Tree and slope, southwest Vladivostok.

 photo rtw0569_zps98307642.jpg

0569. Out into the Eastern Bosporous.

 photo rtw0570_zps2be25949.jpg

0570. Full view from this land's-end.

 photo rtw0571_zpsc45fb52b.jpg

0571. Bridge across the strait to Russkiy Island.  I didn't hike this one.

 photo rtw0572_zpsd597124e.jpg

0572. Into the bay from Kazanskiy Most.

 photo rtw0573_zpsfc99e708.jpg

0573. Freight rail yards south of the passenger station.

 photo rtw0574_zps6c9df180.jpg

0574. Church on Kazanskiy.

 photo rtw0575_zps8f59177c.jpg

0575. Mural on the outside of "Shishabar".

 photo rtw0576_zpsd6458220.jpg

0576. Memorial in a parklet in the southwest.

I was not able to figure out hos to work the ticket machines, and the current next train for Ussuriysk appears to be like 5 PM.  Going to try for a 60 going the other way at the bus depot, and if I fail it, just head home, sack out, and think of other things to do.

 photo rtw0577_zps4d89a313.jpg

0577. Chinese navy making a port call.

 photo rtw0578_zpsd1a312e4.jpg

0578. Odd little statue on Admiral Fokina.

The minimarket on Svetlanskaya is a bonanza.  Despite looting 5 new caps -- including a Tri Medvedya (Three Bears) special edition -- there are at least three more waiting, including a Tuborg on a pull ring.  With such a different selection half a kilometer apart  I can't be sure I'll finish Vladivostok, despite this new load taking me out to 25 caps here alone.  Add the ~20 collected from Helsinki to Ekaterinburg, and I'm not sure I'll have space for any other souvenirs of my own.

Souvenirs for everyone else will go in on Tuesday, probably; Monday I make one last great push at Ussuriysk -- or just hit the alcomart and hope some of the mollusc booze has filtered down.

 photo rtw0579_zps300247eb.jpg

0579. Pony corps, headed down to the beach.

 photo rtw0580_zpsc948fa05.jpg

0580. Front view of Admiral Makarov.

 photo rtw0581_zps0cbdfbd3.jpg

0581. Whaleboat racing in the bay.

 photo rtw0582_zpsf8d0a728.jpg

0582. Entering the lists.

 photo rtw0583_zps319a2163.jpg

0583. Dragon boat rounding at the ruined pier.

 photo rtw0584_zpsec7c4650.jpg

0584. Following the leader.

 photo rtw0585_zpsc221ee7f.jpg

0585. Out into the bay.

video11: How Russians do crew.

 photo rtw0586_zps43ef83f4.jpg

0586. Whaleboats past the ruined pier.

 photo rtw0587_zpsfad2701a.jpg

0587. Banner for the dragon boat races.

 photo rtw0588_zps8965cf21.jpg

0588. Dragon boats turning in.

 photo rtw0589_zpsa200dea4.jpg

0589. Standing out to sea.

If I hadn't done that hike this morning, I'd feel like a bad tourist, but I do have a tendency to go native, and a Sunday in watching TV with beer and pickles is kind of wicked Russian.  If only the FNL was on TV, or Luch was at home...

A Few Words On (70)
Tarzan at the Earth's Core (E.R. Burroughs)
Crossover time!  Jason Gridley needs help saving the emperor of Pellucidar, so who you gonna call?  It's Burroughs, so of course, Tarzan of the Apes.  The mashup is a little forced at first, but quickly gets cranked up, and if the conclusion is a little crammed, there's a lot of monster-fighting and cavegirl-wooing on the way, and despite the lack of screen time, the Waziri get multiclassed to fighter-engineers, as good as it's going to get for black characters in this period.  Good stuff, but ultimately it's a crossover and limited by such.

 photo rtw0590_zps2d6d7843.jpg

0590. The fog starts to roll in.

 photo rtw0591_zps71c99f89.jpg

0591. Fishing boat headed for the shacks in our inlet.

I've finished the Svetlanskaya minimart, and am within two caps of finishing the local produkti unless some of the American beers (Bud, Miller, etc) have pull tops.  The only problem is that drinking through it is some hard fucking metal: I have an "Amsterdam" in the fridge at 7%, and a second Охота (Hunter) (hockey world championships edition) at 8%.  As usual, I leave the hard bit for last.  It's only four beers in this load, you say; well yes, but it's two liters (about six American servings) and half of it, as described, is overproof, leading to an alcohol load of about 8 beers, and I already put away 5 (2.5 liters, .5 liter overproof) this afternoon.  As the pictures show, I'm seeing stuff still instead of just drinking my vacation away, but bottlecap collecting, at least done this way and at this intensity (closing in on 50 caps this trip) is not a hobby for the lightweight.

 photo rtw0592_zps76b1d10d.jpg

0592. Sitting right in.

FFS, even the DV special edition is overproof.  It's a good thing I'm doing this particular load at night.  Bars are obviously out of the question, but really, I probably want to wait till they're not full of Chinese sailors on liberty.

Finally, after nearly 5 days on the line in shifts, my laundry is done, and I can open the balcony door unhindered.  It didn't take this long in Germany, but there I had tent poles also and less to wash -- plus I could open the damn windows.

 photo rtw0593_zps1cf116f1.jpg

0593. The fog covers the shore.

 photo rtw0594_zpsce61252b.jpg

0594. Look along the main face of the hotel.

 photo rtw0595_zpsd906b5a6.jpg

0595. Superhero standee on the apartment side.

 photo rtw0596_zps53e7ed4c.jpg

0596. The fog blankets the inlet.

 photo rtw0597_zps64c64239.jpg

0597. Мой балкон.

 photo rtw0598_zps447e18f7.jpg

0598. View down on the short side.

 photo rtw0599_zpsd336bb6f.jpg

0599. View right along the hotel.

 photo rtw0600_zps1bb271ae.jpg

0600. View left; another dude has the same idea.

 photo rtw0601_zpsb8b1dc05.jpg

0601. I told you this was a Soviet ruin.

video12: EEEY-MA-CARENA!

 photo rtw0602_zps7e823ed2.jpg

0602. Close view of the entrance decorations.

 photo rtw0603_zps2606b61b.jpg

0603. Sitting out in the bay.  The same ship from before; its purpose now becomes more clear.

video13: Lit up like the proverbial Fourth of July.

video14: Finale -- sparks burn away to black.

Damn, that was unexpected -- and pretty killer.  Guess I don't have to wait till I get to Japan for random summer fireworks.

As shown, the first weekend in July is not a bad time at all to be in Vladivostok.

7/8 - Vladivostok

Today, I make one last try at getting to the main bus station to take the 501 north.  I thoroughly expect to fail, because there is no direct route that doesn't involve walking on the highway.


Google Maps is a goddamn liar.  Anisimova does not connect, by any means worthy of the name, to a loop inland downhill of the Khabarovskaya complex.  This determined, I went back, but got some decent pictures and a cloud bath -- plus the sure knowledge that you can't really get to the bus stop from southwest Vladivostok.

 photo rtw0604_zps8f2477fd.jpg

0604. Whale mural by the Ocean theater complex.

 photo rtw0605_zps70852e94.jpg

0605. Another neat mural by the theater.

 photo rtw0606_zps1ff864ef.jpg

0606. Dinamo stadium gate.

 photo rtw0607_zps4287b840.jpg

0607. An unusual parking attendant.

 photo rtw0608_zps21820fa2.jpg

0608. Golden tire for this auto mechanic's.

 photo rtw0609_zpsd9ba44a9.jpg

0609. Russian construction safety.  The concrete blocks keep cars from hitting you while you avoid walking in the giant hole.

I got 2 of the last 3 caps; the remaining one will fall tonight or tomorrow.  Technically, there is another, but I reserve the right to not collect stuff with mangoes in it, even if it has a pull ring.

 photo rtw0610_zps386e4788.jpg

0610. I'm not going to this.  I do need to look up the bands, though.

Despite blowing through a huge amount of rubles -- less the 560 I need to get on the boat, I have about 2000 left -- I am in a decent position on souvenirs.  I've got most of work and half my family covered, and if I still have my девушкий to take care of, I've at least got that mostly planned, and some of this stuff isn't available till Japan anyway.

My get of souvenirs from this time out is the 34th and 35th caps of Vladi, and a ДВО patch that I'm not going to sew into my jacket till we're outbound from Korea.  I don't wear it, and the formation itself is defunct, but I'm still not messing.

I will probably try to draw 3k or so tomorrow, and finish up (sorta) my souvenirs at a cost of nearly 2k (planned).  My remaining exchange USD will go mostly into yen, smallwise into won at the port exchange office.  After that, all that will remain is to eat and drink down my remaining provisions, and get ready for the ferry.  Oh, and put my 30-odd beer bottles into a garbage bag rather than just on the floor.

 photo rtw0611_zps2e4a2486.jpg

0611. Sailboats in the inlet.

 photo rtw0612_zps516c8fd7.jpg

0612. Just a normal day in southwest Vladivostok.

7/9 - Vladivostok

My last full day in Russia; as mentioned, job 1 is going to be most of the rest of the souvenirs (hopefully), but for now I'm doing recon on Donghae and Sakaiminato.  Once I get to Hiroshima, I can recon the remaining areas, but I need to get there first, and I'm fair sure I don't have a Donghae map on paper.

Info out, hotel confirm "printed" to file; I'll need to check that later once I'm out of range, but for now, there's stuff to do, at least for a little while.

I hit up the bankomat successfully, but it's still too damn early for any shops to be open, so I got a roll and, unbelievably, another new cap, then headed down to the battery to sit a while.

 photo rtw0613_zpsbb750e82.jpg

0613. Green dragon sign on Admiral Fokina.

 photo rtw0614_zpsf5df17fd.jpg

0614. Square of the Sister Cities.

 photo rtw0615_zpsa8e5e6da.jpg

0615. Unquiet seas.  The wind is driving the water in from the bay, and it's not impossible that we might see some actual heavy weather this afternoon.

Well, that's done.  What I don't have yet of the souvenirs, I can get tomorrow waiting for the boat.  All that's left is to repack all my crap tonight, then check out and ship out tomorrow.

I've definitely enjoyed my time in Russia, and while I'm looking forward to Japan and potential liberty in Donghae, I'm also kinda ready to go back home.  After a while, the lack of communication starts to wear on your, and it's not helped by being wicked bastarding hot all the goddamned time.  This second will only get worse in Japan, but my Japanese is much better than my Russian, and the places I'm going, Miyajima aside, are all flat, so I'm not going to be -- well, as often -- drenched in sweat from trudging up and down hills all day.  We'll see when we get there; I may be overrating my language skills and underrating the terrain, and there's still the boat tomorrow too.  Take nothing for granted.

The weather cleared right up; I'm probably going to go out and get dinner, breakfast, and boat provender in, and maybe the remaining souvenirs, depending on staffing levels, but I want to wait a little to cut down some on the damned heat.  Everything is as packed as it's going to get for the time being, so I'm kind of wedded to my shirt choice for tomorrow.  I'm planning to "use up" the Russia shirt and do Japan in my hoops and AC top, but it needs to survive till tomorrow still.

 photo rtw0616_zps7bc9bd4c.jpg

0616. Final count.  Nineteen caps to VVO, 38 collected on-site.  This is kind of ridiculous.

Dinner got and consumed, and I'd be done with souvenirs if I was more assertive.  Oh well.  More packing done, more cleaning done, ready to hit the road.

 photo rtw0617_zps7e5e5282.jpg

0617. Mountains across the bay.  It's always been too hazy to see, but the mainland is right across Amur Bay there.

 photo rtw0618_zpse4684715.jpg

0618. Ranges behind ranges.  To the left, eventually, you get to Kasan and Tumagan -- but I'm not going that way.

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