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RTW2013 Leg 9: Hiroshima to Hikari to Miyajima and back

7/13 - Hiroshima

I'm aiming for an earlier start than the 0800 planned in last night, to get to Miyajima before noon, but I still have a couple things to check/set first.  Maa ii; the house isn't going anywhere it hasn't already gone in the last 24 years, and everything else on the schedule has been in place an order of magnitude longer.

Crap, the Carp are on the road.  Will Sanfrecce make it 3 for 3, after Luch's season-opening road trip?  And no... if I can get back to Big Arch by 1900, I should be able to catch the game.  Only problem is that it's kind of way the hell out in the suburbs, and I'm not 100% sure where the tram line to it starts.

I got the 0641 instead of the 0820, which will help with the hike, but it's already steaming out.  Worse, the views of the sea and foliage around here are significantly more nostalgic than anticipated; there is a very real chance that I may go into a full-on Proust fugue if I find some of what I'm looking for.  I'll try to pull through.

- Minami-Iwakuni -

 photo rtw0920_zps5796ae3d.jpg

0920. Fields of lotus, Minami-Iwakuni.

 photo rtw0921_zps7c532d04.jpg

0921. The Being Wicked Mature About Engrish Tour 2013 continues.

Normally you change at Iwakuni between Hiroshima and Hikari, but chance put me on a train that went one stop further -- and conveniently eliminated the possibility of getting on the wrong line at Iwakuni.  So I pushed on, and get 15 minutes to acclimate to the sauna-like air before spending another hour in the cooler.  I bought extra supplies for the hike with breakfast, but as ever, the main source of hydration will be vending machines on the line of march.

The first thing you learn in Japan is that the roads are backwards, and inattention will kill you.  The second thing that you learn in Japan is that if you have a hat, you wear it, even if it's not helping the heat; if you have an umbrella, you use it, even if it's not raining.  The third thing you learn in Japan is that if you pass a vending machine and don't already have a cold drink, you get one, because you will need it sooner or later.

 photo rtw0922_zps102e44ae.jpg

0922. Rainclouds getting stuck on the mountains to the north.

I didn't miss the train, but I did end up derping myself off the correct platform initially.  Overthinking again.  Maa ii; no chance for mistakes now, and I'll be boots down in my old hometown shortly after 9 AM.

- Hikari -

 photo rtw0923_zpse899ce0f.jpg

0923. Ekimae.  We had already been gone five years when this was installed.  A lot can change in a quarter century.

 photo rtw0924_zps1ae18dfb.jpg

0924. Down Route 188 to the east.  The hike wasn't so bad.

 photo rtw0925_zpsf51054fd.jpg

0925. View up a little brook.

 photo rtw0926_zps47c46a60.jpg

0926. Donk donk donk.

 photo rtw0927_zpse8d7a522.jpg

0927. Route marker; this is a national highway, much like Route 1 at home.

 photo rtw0928_zps1ea5a861.jpg

0928. Countdown light.  This counts both stop and go, and is wicked useful.

 photo rtw0929_zps9f959b12.jpg

0929. Palm trees; we're at the latitude of the Carolinas, and on the coast of the Inland Sea, which tends to do what the Mediterranean does for Europe.

 photo rtw0930_zpsb2184956.jpg

0930. River panorama.

 photo rtw0931_zps39303705.jpg

0931. Up from the bridge; halfway there.

 photo rtw0932_zps2adfdf97.jpg

0932. Lone fish in the stream.

 photo rtw0933_zps23f82cd9.jpg

0933. Heron and fallen water.

 photo rtw0934_zpsa354ba02.jpg

0934. South from the east bank.

 photo rtw0935_zps31ee0099.jpg

0935. East Hikari comes into view.

 photo rtw0936_zps855bdd04.jpg

0936. Roadside jizo.

 photo rtw0937_zpsb8dad2c8.jpg

0937. Bamboo forest opposite.

 photo rtw0938_zps7546eafb.jpg

0938. The rooftop of the Hikari Oriental Hotel, site of one of my brother's first famous exploits, the same as it ever was.

 photo rtw0939_zpsd524850a.jpg

0939. Natsukashii suupaa -- again, the same as of old, even to the layout.

 photo rtw0940_zps4d104509.jpg

0940. Only the park is different, in that grass has finally grown through the sand.

 photo rtw0941_zpsf4d93498.jpg

0941. Gate to the shrine on the hill above.

 photo rtw0942_zpsa5c6f170.jpg

0942. Water fountain, and a tree that may be less than 25 years old.

video23: Still works.  I almost was afraid to try, in case it didn't, but it did.  Sugei nakisou na kibun -- natsukashiisugi.  ;_;

 photo rtw0943_zpsac4a3af2.jpg

0943. Up the road to the hills.

 photo rtw0944_zps208e8047.jpg

0944. Lawson Station; probably new (ok, "like 20 years old"), as I'd've remembered it otherwise.

 photo rtw0945_zps705a8a9c.jpg

0945. Bunka center.  Easily recognized from the air, this was the piece I needed for confirmation of my map route.

 photo rtw0946_zps0ae9fa4d.jpg

0946. The well-remembered far slope.

 photo rtw0947_zpsc5e9dbef.jpg

0947. The thatched house that used to be in front of the bunka center has been moved or destroyed to make room for more parking.  : |.  Japan, folks.

 photo rtw0948_zps8caa2673.jpg

0948. Recollections past; I didn't spot this until I went further up the hill and came down.

 photo rtw0949_zps3225003a.jpg

0949. The house, the steps, the garage -- no mistake.

 photo rtw0950_zps7d521f4f.jpg

0950. Nameplate confirms it.

The reason I missed the house on the first pass is that the course of the road has changed.  There's now kind of a drive, instead of the garage dumping straight into the middle of a blind corner, which made car trips a lot more interesting than really necessary when we were here.  Again, a lot can change in a quarter century.

 photo rtw0951_zps3dcdb65a.jpg

0951. Across the road.  The farm is gone, replaced by an impressive official-looking installation.

 photo rtw0952_zps2a788441.jpg

0952. New neighborhood map.  Most of this development would have been in the '90s land rush.

 photo rtw0953_zpsbad32a97.jpg

0953. Official sign across the road.  It was only in processing the pictures that I bothered to piece out e-ho-ba from the katakana on the sign, indicating that this may be the San'yo Kingdom Hall.

 photo rtw0954_zpse20d213d.jpg

0954. Omoidesokkuri no ringo.  They're in the same place in the super, with a margin of error of like 1 foot, and as big as ever -- it's just my hands that have gotten supersized in the last 25 years.

I wrote these up on the bench outside the supermarket, then ate my apple, drank a bit of tea, chucked out the second exhausted pen, and set off back for the station.  Miyajima e!

Or maybe not: I'm low on cash -- as a result, predictably, of stopping in to a bookstore for souvenirs and dropping too much money on weird manga, weirder anime, and rare out-of-print records, which happens at literally every opportunity I'm given -- and need to get that sorted out, but getting a foreign ATM card to work at places other than the post office is a fool's errand.  I need to go back to Hiroshima, drop my crap, probably change my shirt, but first and foremost hit the post office, while I know where it is even.

 photo rtw0955_zpsd2007c71.jpg

0955. Clouds over the hotel.

 photo rtw0956_zpsd07971a0.jpg

0956. Ants swarm an unfortunate beetle.

 photo rtw0957_zpscb1c8ec1.jpg

0957. Fire department access with mascot.

 photo rtw0958_zpsd65d8d2d.jpg

0958. In this part of Japan, "expressway" and "one-lane-per-direction divided highway" are not mutually exclusive.

 photo rtw0959_zps2e2ab208.jpg

0959. Somebody's corgi.

 photo rtw0960_zps4f0d7ddc.jpg

0960. Sandbars in the river.

 photo rtw0961_zps7c2480f0.jpg

0961. Heron plate on the bridge, and some derp's boot.

 photo rtw0962_zps359e3618.jpg

0962. Hikari station front.

 photo rtw0963_zpsd8593c92.jpg

0963. Ekiben to ka.  Pocari Sweat, beer, and jaegerwurst.

video24: Inland Sea, from the train back to Iwakuni.

- Hiroshima again -

Well, the postbank worked, which means I don't have to hang around pachinko parlors oyaji-hunter-hunting, so I'm headed out to Miyajima tonight/asap.  I'll probably need another pull tomorrow to get me to Osaka (including the ticket), but not before 5 AM, when the bank part opens.  Things work out.

The sky looks like it's going to detonate any second.  Good thing I'm inside till Miyajima-guchi.

- Miyajima -

On Miyajima I saw a lot of stuff I didn't really appreciate when I was smaller, plus the recurrence of one that I did, and finished off my souveniring in style.

 photo rtw0964_zpsfaede71e.jpg

0964. Turbulent skies over Miyajima-guchi.

 photo rtw0965_zps0d910e35.jpg

0965. Statue in the traffic circle between the station and the dock.

 photo rtw0966_zps09b777f5.jpg

0966. More boiling heavens.

 photo rtw0967_zps277b0e99.jpg

0967. Out into the strait.

 photo rtw0968_zpsdfb11ab9.jpg

0968. A look over at the island.

 photo rtw0969_zps013658fb.jpg

0969. Scourings and beach closer in.

 photo rtw0970_zpsee91b0f9.jpg

0970. Torii from the sea.

 photo rtw0971_zpsb1abfb5b.jpg

0971. Shrine from the sea.  This is more impressive at high tide.

 photo rtw0972_zps9313c7d1.jpg

0972. Shrine hall, still coming in.

 photo rtw0973_zps7f5ac1bd.jpg

0973. Dropping sun over the mainland.

 photo rtw0974_zps9afdd620.jpg

0974. Clouds piled high.

video25: The deers.  Don't feed them.

 photo rtw0975_zps8f8bbe1f.jpg

0975. Or this happens.  They get all up in your shit.

 photo rtw0976_zps4ebc3b14.jpg

0976. Deer and rickshaw.

 photo rtw0977_zps3e4eef3a.jpg

0977. Along the curve of the beach.

 photo rtw0978_zpsa61a0b9f.jpg

0978. Up to the pagoda.

 photo rtw0979_zps8834adf6.jpg

0979. Stone torii, pine, and guardian lion.

 photo rtw0980_zpsd1c83c1f.jpg

0980. Full face on the other one.

 photo rtw0981_zps30a371df.jpg

0981. Another lion and pine in the sand.

 photo rtw0982_zpsf1b7b1e1.jpg

0982. Shrine gate, and out to sea.

 photo rtw0983_zps6dbdb914.jpg

0983. Torii to sora.

 photo rtw0984_zps6692914b.jpg

0984. Inside the shrine.

 photo rtw0985_zpsfca1a7ad.jpg

0985. Pagoda from the shrine grounds.

 photo rtw0986_zps83ea3516.jpg

0986. Corner of the shrine.

 photo rtw0987_zpsc503171b.jpg

0987. Long view out to the gate.

 photo rtw0988_zpsbde87eaa.jpg

0988. Heron in the mud of the shrine.

video26: A crab waves at the camera. (DNCU)

 photo rtw0989_zps4fb643dc.jpg

0989. A K--'s eye view of the shrine.  Sight lines here were not designed for light receptors placed six feet off the floor.

 photo rtw0990_zpsbbc27209.jpg

0990. A long look out from the center of the shrine.

 photo rtw0991_zps9342c690.jpg

0991. Ritual stage in the center.

 photo rtw0992_zps8d39cf13.jpg

0992. Bridge and brook, Miyajima.

 photo rtw0993_zpsb4a5112a.jpg

0993. Shrine passage.

 photo rtw0994_zps5f16a013.jpg

0994. Kanon and pines.

 photo rtw0995_zps8ad3d4d3.jpg

0995. Culvert stream and twisted pines.

 photo rtw0996_zps6361f27d.jpg

0996. Classic-style house, Miyajima.

 photo rtw0997_zpse6dded15.jpg

0997. Gate at the back of the shrine.

 photo rtw0998_zps0a94b67e.jpg

0998. Even here there are voters; even here, it's election season.

 photo rtw0999_zps9857a740.jpg

0999. Torii over the back of the shrine.

 photo rtw1000_zps31fc6b4f.jpg

1000. Tree and gathering skies.

This inauspicious shot pushed this record into four figures, which is almost too much to organize -- the equivalent, by proverb at least, of a million words.

 photo rtw1001_zps54be3a3b.jpg

1001. Pine and sacred rope.

 photo rtw1002_zps290103e9.jpg

1002. Storm about to detonate.

 photo rtw1003_zpsbb1798aa.jpg

1003. Another shrine in the village.

 photo rtw1004_zps3f4bcc26.jpg

1004. More buildings as the clouds draw in.

 photo rtw1005_zps9a67b39a.jpg

1005. High hall and clouds.

 photo rtw1006_zps6a6075a1.jpg

1006. Shrine and mist collecting on the mountains.

 photo rtw1007_zpsacecfdd3.jpg

1007. Pagoda and the first drops.

 photo rtw1008_zps2838046e.jpg

1008. Leaning pines, and clouds swollen to bursting.

 photo rtw1009_zps431be1f5.jpg

1009. Back of the shrine.

 photo rtw1010_zps9b3711f0.jpg

1010. Across to the beach and into the storm.

 photo rtw1011_zpse4fe6bf9.jpg

1011. The clouds catch on the peaks.

video27: The sudden, explosive violence of a Japanese five-minute downpour.

 photo rtw1012_zps721ad6c8.jpg

1012. Out to sea through the rain.

 photo rtw1013_zps9201d504.jpg

1013. Deer taking shelter at the clinic.

 photo rtw1014_zpsb9b30403.jpg


 photo rtw1015_zps76abcf80.jpg

1015. Hat sludge.  The water forces out a disgusting slurry of salts, dirt, cigarette ashes, skin cells, and beer residue that normally clogs the mesh of the fabric.  After ten years, I'm not sure this hat isn't more crud than cloth.  I still need it, so I wiped the gunk off and moved on.

 photo rtw1016_zpsfcad4946.jpg

1016. The sun sinks below the storm.  This one, true to form, blew itself out in five minutes, but the rain continued for another 15 or so at medium intensity.

 photo rtw1017_zps49f68233.jpg

1017. The rain band hangs over Miyajima-guchi.

 photo rtw1018_zps381a2333.jpg

1018. Traditional fishing platforms in the strait.

 photo rtw1019_zpsf1b7ddcc.jpg

1019. Rain-band and a competing ferry.

 photo rtw1020_zps19a1da14.jpg

1020. Shrine-form dock of the ferry.

This trip (and, yeah, the end of it in Hiroshima in the basement of the JR station) also got me another two rare caps from Miyajima Beer; at least in the west, bottled beer appears to be itself a rarity.  Probably to cut down on beach injuries; in Hikari, it's not rare to see people going from the station to the beach in bare feet, just going along the city streets.  We'll see if Osaka's any different.

- Hiroshima again -

The plan the rest of the night is to finish the bottled beer, then drink a mug or two on the roof, then go to sleep.  Tomorrow I need to repack everything, then beat feet for Osaka, but I'm right over the station, and by Shinkansen it's pretty quick -- and the hotel is right there by Shin-Osaka station too.  Almost done, but I want to reserve some time to tour Osaka tomorrow, and then the flight back gets me my sixth touch for that point.  It's all coming to an end, and I'll soon be home, moving, and back at work -- if I can figure out how to do that again.

All right!  Great win for Osaka Victory, and Sanfrecce win too to go second!  A Hiroshima team in the top half of the league?  THAT'S UNPOSSIBLE!

 photo rtw1021_zpse6062136.jpg

1021. Beer on the roof -- a great end to, all in, an excellent summer day in San'yo.  I visited old haunts, smelled the greenery, blasted the fountain, and sat with an apple and a juice, then saw Miyajima under a downpour, wasted too much money on comics and anime, then finished it off with an unagidon at the train station.  Medetashi medetashi.

 photo rtw1022_zpsc137cc4f.jpg

1022. The lights of Hiroshima sparkle through the rained-on glass.  Tomorrow, this may be Osaka.

video28: The start of the summer season.  No idea what this even was, but it is apparently Neptunian or something, zero desire -- in contrast to, say, Short Peace, the new Hakkenden, or what appears to be new Toaru Kagaku no Railgun -- to investigate further.

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