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RTW2013 Leg 7: Donghae to Sakaiminato

7/11 (still) - Donghae

The port environment is unfamiliar from the air, and I bodged the arrival card on the first attempt.  I now fet to continue standing in full pack until the rest of the ship gets processed slowly through.  It's no fun for the poor corners of my pecs, but I'll get through it eventually.

I got through, but found myself much farther south than anticipated.  The resulting hike was a strenuous time trial that pushed me to my limits, but came to a satisfactory conclusion.

 photo rtw0685_zps4b367cda.jpg

0685. Port map.  I took this for reference, but it turned out to be kind of useless.

 photo rtw0686_zps3eee7cf3.jpg

0686. Across into town from the port gate.

 photo rtw0687_zps1fc57572.jpg

0687. Sculpted lamppost along the harbor road.

 photo rtw0688_zps4a656746.jpg

0688. Parklet, a little further on.

 photo rtw0689_zps8bf3e67b.jpg

0689. Grain elevator and silos on the harbor.

 photo rtw0690_zpsf249dcbd.jpg

0690. UFO-like water(?) tower at the navy base.

 photo rtw0691_zps6fcbc51a.jpg

0691. Memorial stone at the base entrance.

 photo rtw0692_zpsc170689d.jpg

0692. Another, dated to 1988.

 photo rtw0693_zps5458bc1b.jpg

0693. Decorations on a railroad underpass.

 photo rtw0694_zpsce447459.jpg

0694. A look into rural Korea, from the coastal road.

 photo rtw0695_zpsc1933946.jpg

0695. Cicada molt; the air was alive with the whining of these guys, which reminded me strongly of my childhood days in Japan.

 photo rtw0696_zps998811bd.jpg

0696. Korea: market gardens and high-rise apartments.

 photo rtw0697_zpscb0fcfe2.jpg

0697. Across the road to a picturesque headland.

 photo rtw0698_zpse161a057.jpg

0698. Strange dome and spires over the trees.

Saved by the E-Mart: right when I would have had to turn back, I saw that yellow-and-black E sign over the trees and buildings that brought me back, somehow, to Seoul, so I drove on, found the entrance, then looted the largest water I could carry, plus every beer with a cap I didn't already have.  My only regret was that I didn't photo the cans of 5,0 Original -- this is the only place, half a world away, I've seen it outside Germany.  The World Cup is a terrifying thing.

Regardless, I slammed one beer and half the water, opened a second beer, then stomped back over hill and dale to the harbor.

 photo rtw0699_zps4b82aab8.jpg

0699. Hurb durb.

 photo rtw0700_zps0662d66a.jpg

0700. Fishing boat through an overgrown overpass.

 photo rtw0701_zpsda01c4d7.jpg

0701. That headland again, from the other side of the road.

 photo rtw0702_zps4f9149ff.jpg

0702. Memorial pillar at the entrance to a park/walking trail area close by.

 photo rtw0703_zps83f11063.jpg

0703. Down into the parkland of the base golf course.

 photo rtw0704_zps372b14ea.jpg

0704. Elder gym along the walking path.  I saw these first in Hong Kong, but this is the first I've seen one empty (and thus able to photograph without being a nuisance).  Thus the difference between the US and the rest of the world: millions for private Rascal scooters, not a penny for public installations to keep people out of them.

My beer got me chased outside by the Korean customs service, but there wasn't much going on inside anyway, and in the ~45 minutes I have, I should be able to get at least two down and get this dead weight out of the very bottom of my pack.

 photo rtw0705_zps733339ba.jpg

0705. Mountains over a logistics cabin, Donghae.

 photo rtw0706_zpse8ee7930.jpg

0706. Mountains, pine, and highrises, Donghae.

 photo rtw0707_zps9086df88.jpg

0707. In my experience with Asian lagers, this probably means "we start it weak, then pour lab ethanol in at the end".  Also valuable for orienting the cap later.

I'm now down to 4 pickles, two sausages, and two rations of bread, but also two beers still remaining.  It may be a little hungry tomorrow, but I also have 25,000 yen in my pocket, which should see me to Hiroshima at least.  I can refuel on Japanese soil in the morning, or on arrival in the city that died to save my grandfather a little later.

 photo rtw0708_zps2c6f916d.jpg

0708. Route map of various ferries.

It's hot inside and customs isn't open and I'm damn bored.  If they don't fucking open by 1500, I'ma go back outside and drink another beer till 1530.  I've got my damn ticket, and the provodnik on the boat said 1500.  With my caps mostly in my pocket and only marginally in my shoulder bag, I'm quite ready to go, but if I can drink a pound or two off my pack weight, I definitely will.

Oh, how I've missed you, east Asian commercials.  This stupid Dodgers game isn't remotely nearing a conclusion, but the commercials, now between the 11th and 12th innings, are at least entertaining.

The darker it gets outside, and us not on the boat, the more concerned I get.  Seriously, this is summer, and we're not so far south.  This grey this late can only mean foul weather on the way.

If it was at home, that blast from Hanley Ramirez would've been a walk-off.  But NOOOO, game is in Arizona, so we get not only the whole of the 14th, but likely at least one pitcher change in the bargain.  There's not telling if the last out will be made before I board, whether at 1600 or 1700.

There's like nobody here.  Maybe the room will flood at 1700, but by that time, I hope to be through immigration, in a lower bunk, skulling OB.  The leg to Sakaiminato is so damn deserted compared to boarding in Russia -- this is probably why it's so cheap as a pack-in.

....and it ends with the end of the 14th, four minutes before posted immigration.  I don't blame the Russian guys for being incredulous as I tried to explain why the game had to go another five outs after the Dodgers went ahead.

Well, it had a good run, but the nice wee skeletonized Gerber that cut so much of my bread, spread so much of my cheese, and cleaned so many of my fingernails is no more.  Because I put it in my shoulder bag rather than main pack, it got taken at customs, and like the derp I am, I promptly lost the slip.  My knife for the remainder must be the disarmingly-baby-blue santoku that I picked up for fighting people in Russia with, but fortunately never had cause to use.  It's actually better at cutting bread, but the Korean customs folk have left me carrying a much more antisocial knife than the one they took off me.  I have backup carry knives at home, but for Japan I'm going to be running around with a damn cleaver in the bottom of my bag.

 photo rtw0709_zpse12b3ab2.jpg

0709. Korea, as collected.  How I missed a normal OB cap, I'll never know, but this is a pretty good haul for less than five hours of shore liberty.  On to Japan!  Hope for locals and Yebisu, double-collect Sapporo!

A light rain was falling as I went on deck to get some pics of the underway.  It's on gray, wet, days like this that I most feel like a selkie, and if ever the folk of the old west had a secret this was surely one: feeling one with the rain, wishing to dive off the deck into the black waters and swim down forever, with nostrils that close and flippers flapping sideways from my heels.

 photo rtw0710_zpsea963b49.jpg

0710. The Seiyo Pioneer sitting in harbor, her cranes working.

 photo rtw0711_zps4f89b052.jpg

0711. Along the southern edge of the international port.

 photo rtw0712_zpsbc413185.jpg

0712. Tugboat ready for service.

 photo rtw0713_zps1254c557.jpg

0713. Misty mountain ranges to the northeast.

 photo rtw0714_zpsd9988db7.jpg

0714. Rank on rank of replacement breakwater jacks.  With concrete chunks like these tetrapods, as seen later, east Asia protects itself from the violence of the sea.

 photo rtw0715_zpsf2fa17d8.jpg

0715. Mountains over the city.

 photo rtw0716_zps921613b1.jpg

0716. More northish into Donghae.

 photo rtw0717_zps0993fac3.jpg

0717. Panorama, port side.

 photo rtw0718_zps05b78333.jpg

0718. Farewell, Donghae.

 photo rtw0719_zps5b2bd7e7.jpg

0719. Farewell, maturity.  : |

 photo rtw0720_zpsff4ce3bc.jpg

0720. South side of the port.

 photo rtw0721_zpscf455a82.jpg

0721. The Sea Noble, sitting at anchor.

 photo rtw0722_zps97706e33.jpg

0722. Long view over the port to the mountains.

video18: The great car ramp is retracted.

 photo rtw0723_zps054501b3.jpg

0723. The jellyfish, mortal enemy of the folk of the Inland Sea.  He stings our flesh, we devour his -- preferably with a lot of soy sauce, because otherwise it doesn't taste like anything.

 photo rtw0724_zpsb9495903.jpg

0724. Decorated silo on the south side of the port.

 photo rtw0725_zpsf70168b6.jpg

0725. Ripples expand as the tugs push the stern around.

 photo rtw0726_zpsa349a8a6.jpg

0726. Their service done, the tugs are back in rank.

 photo rtw0727_zps3ed08cda.jpg

0727. A suspiciously-named ship.

video19: Pushing away from Donghae.

 photo rtw0728_zpscc7aa314.jpg

0728. The Nordic Nanjing, pumping out her bilges.

 photo rtw0729_zps5f62b093.jpg

0729. The mud pool kicked up by the engines backing water.

 photo rtw0730_zps6949c1f2.jpg

0730. Low-slung old barge carrying a couple trucks.

 photo rtw0731_zps8091e0ed.jpg

0731. Off into the mountains to the west.

 photo rtw0732_zps4af22fad.jpg

0732. The oil burns black as the starboard engine reverses to push us out of the harbor.

 photo rtw0733_zps8a1cc7dc.jpg

0733. Blue barn on the south side of the port.

 photo rtw0734_zps37fab224.jpg

0734. Shen Yang, her weird superstructure connected to the plant ashore.

 photo rtw0735_zps4667d97b.jpg

0735. Port side of the Tong Yang silos.

 photo rtw0736_zpsd3953bb1.jpg

0736. Union Groove (probably the niftiest ship name on this leg), her cranes still.

 photo rtw0737_zps776463ac.jpg

0737. If this hulk isn't the current Sea Girl, I don't know a ship in the world that could be.

 photo rtw0738_zps927ef3ab.jpg

0738. ROK destroyer in port.

 photo rtw0739_zps7aa9f614.jpg

0739. Another, on the far side of the slip.

 photo rtw0740_zps59b94e9b.jpg

0740. The rest of the Donghae-based command.

 photo rtw0741_zps7e5cc8e5.jpg

0741. Ship and a never-ending spill of coal off the chute.

 photo rtw0742_zpsda8bcb87.jpg

0742. Between breakwaters and into the channel.

 photo rtw0743_zps2c92277e.jpg

0743. ROK navy promo shot; a destroyer guards mist-shrouded peaks.

 photo rtw0744_zps2bf51f4a.jpg

0744. Breakwater and distant ship.

 photo rtw0745_zpsba5df5ec.jpg

0745. Light at the end of the breakwater.

 photo rtw0746_zps48077b8d.jpg

0746. Into the cove outside the harbor.

 photo rtw0747_zpsc02a2387.jpg

0747. Repaired breakwater -- the new jacks are unworn and piled high.

 photo rtw0748_zpsb151e9b6.jpg

0748. A prominence to the south through the mists.

 photo rtw0749_zps8e30f0aa.jpg

0749. Another view, showing spires of eroded rock.

 photo rtw0750_zps97891432.jpg

0750. A low-lying freighter heading in to port.

 photo rtw0751_zpsbf5ba9c4.jpg

0751. Another try at those standing stones.

 photo rtw0752_zps9aa87897.jpg

0752. Seagulls follow our stacks, hoping for an easy meal.

 photo rtw0753_zpsf7a24b2a.jpg

0753. The Hang Seng (see 0750) turns around to ride out the night.

 photo rtw0754_zps2a5804e3.jpg

0754. Another freighter waiting for a free berth.

...and just like that, we had left Donghae again and were pointed out into the wilds of the Pacific.  Next point: the Japanese fishing village of Sakaiminato, 15 hours away.

Incidentally, today's pictures pass the record, from the '09 festivals, for most in a tour.  Hopefully, most or all of them will come out, and also not be garbage.

I read as far in Eugene Aram as where the Corporal gets the pub landlord to cat-sit for him while he accompanies Walter to London, then decided to put it down and go to bed.  I'll need to be up early tomorrow, and this book is long, stupid, and intractable, so I wanted to be sure to end on one of the few good parts before sacking out.

7/12 - Sea of Japan

The sun was already up at 6 when I went on deck, so I took a couple pictures and then got breakfast.  We should dock at 9, but I don't hold out much hope for a train before 11:30 -- and thus probably my first ekiben.

 photo rtw0755_zpsff95e681.jpg

0755. Farewell, potatoes!  I threw out some other stuff as well, but this has been in the top of my pack since Finland, ultimately unneeded.

 photo rtw0756_zpsb7b62f58.jpg

0756. Breakers in the wake.

 photo rtw0757_zpsa0120ff6.jpg

0757. Ahead to the sunrise.

 photo rtw0758_zps068a4c9b.jpg

0758. Forward off the bow.

 photo rtw0759_zpsd0059aff.jpg

0759. Rips in the clouds above the rippling waves.

 photo rtw0760_zps03b0be45.jpg

0760. Sunbeams streaming down.  If you steal this for "inspirational" purposes, remember the death-and-emptiness-driven heathen who took it.

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