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(5/)6 Micro-nations I: Paris - Toulouse - Andorra - Ger - Llivia - Cannes

12/1 - Paris to Toulouse

I landed in Paris the day after leaving, without the person who I'd planned, late in the game, to be coming with me.  For her sake, I'd replanned this to be a much more normal, sane, and sensible trip, one that someone who wasn't a hardcore radikult traveler could survive and one that a couple could have fun doing, but the wheels, as things will do in my life, rather predictably came off.  I had a choice: to do the easy and relaxing trip solo, or to attempt the hard one, pushing myself to my very limits, both to take my mind off the breakup and other attendant crap and to see if it was possible, at least for me.  I wasn't dead on arrival.  The car they gave me was diesel, which was a sign.  And so I headed not for Le Blanc-Mesnil and a desolate moping through the Ardennes and the Westerwald, but for Toulouse, 750 kilometers away to the south-south-west.

 photo m001_zpsfd07029b.jpg

001. Leaving Paris.

 photo m002_zps19c36cc9.jpg
002. Impressive skies.

 photo m003_zpsdfff1613.jpg
003. Art on the autoroute.

004. Trying for a hole in the sky.  (DNCO)  More of these pics did not come out than any other trip, due to the shooting conditions.  Not give-up bad like some of the train windows in Russia, but still salt-spattered and at highway speed.

 photo m005_zps629683b4.jpg

005. Countryside from a rest stop.

v01. Curve and some radio.

 photo m006_zpsa7d0f06a.jpg

006. Streaming skies.

007. Holes in heaven.  (DNCO)

 photo m008_zps551912f2.jpg

008. Stormclouds over the land.

 photo m009_zps08f31d2a.jpg

009. Great long emptiness on the Occitane.

v02. Rolling hills, more French radio.

 photo m010_zps3dd4dd78.jpg

010. Amazing landscapes, even on the autoroute.

I got the Toulouse with the benefit of the satnav deep into the dark, about 7 hours after landing, most of which had been spent traveling at about 130 kph.  I stowed the car at the hotel, set my phone alarm for 0500 local, and went to sleep mostly from exhaustion.

12/2 - Toulouse to Andorra to Spain to Llivia via France to Cannes

I awoke to the alarm with no problems and got moving, rolling away from the hotel a little after 0600, so I did the entire autoroute portion of the first leg in the dark, and most of the French Pyrenees as well.  Nothing like icy, partially-cleared mountain roads in the dark to get and keep you awake.

011. ((not germane))

012. ((not germane))

 photo m013_zpsfa36c476.jpg

013. Dawn in the Pyrenees.

 photo m014_zps329ed454.jpg

014. Clouds and snowy roads.

 photo m015_zpsaf5e4b42.jpg

015. Rare: straight and mostly clear.

 photo m016_zps1357cf94.jpg

016. Breathtaking mountains.

 photo m017_zpsf62e5421.jpg

017. Winding switchbacks.

 photo m018_zpsc5d9da3e.jpg

018. Amazing slopes.

 photo m019_zpsa3f5dfc9.jpg

019. Across the valley.

The roads were a little scary, but the views were fucking amazing -- and while I did have to stop for a few trucks, the car did stop, and I didn't have to back up once.

 photo m020_zps2ec88664.jpg

020. Down into Andorra.

 photo m021_zpsc7f40a44.jpg

021. Basically, the whole country is a ski resort.

 photo m022_zps7e28c718.jpg

022. Monument by the roadside.

 photo m023_zpsafa5b6a5.jpg

023. Straight down.

 photo m024_zps31f5a709.jpg

024. Government buildings and public art.

 photo m025_zps1134607f.jpg

025. Below St. Esteve.

 photo m026_zps70af54cf.jpg

026. Statue outside St. Esteve.

 photo m027_zps2a1a7656.jpg

027. Casa de la Vall.

 photo m028_zps44a87e24.jpg

028. View from the courtyard.

 photo m029_zps1bb9582b.jpg

029. Medieval passage.

 photo m030_zps9402e82a.jpg

030. "Angel on the Trapeze".

 photo m031_zps787012d9.jpg

031. Up from the main square to the mountains.

 photo m032_zps41b6efff.jpg

032. St. Esteve and mountains.

 photo m033_zps21bd1bef.jpg

033. Andorran Olympic Committee headquarters.  You'd wonder why a country so small would have an Olympic team worth a full-time headquarters, and then you look up at the mountains and remember that "whole country is a ski resort" thing.

 photo m034_zpsf02ba7e9.jpg

034. Back into Andorra, leaving.

The above was at a gas station stop where I fixed my permanently-retracted side mirrors, which had gotten stuck that way in the parking area.  This was the only thing on the car that broke in a way to inhibit driving, which I was grateful for, as I'd just found out the night before that I was going to drive it past its yearly maintenance interval, and that day, that it was entirely out of wiper fluid.  On to Spain!

 photo m035_zps75c5afa7.jpg
035. OMFG.

 photo m036_zps6c376bc6.jpg

036. More mist in the valley.

 photo m037_zps87c64e4d.jpg

037. Sheer cliffs.

038. Bad light on snowcapped peaks.  (DNCO)

 photo m039_zps30cd4d9b.jpg

039. God's country, from the parking lot in Ger.

Even if I couldn't find the Dogfrisbee center, the Spanish Pyrenees are fucking amazing.  I'm glad I came this way instead of turning tail into France, or using larger highways.

 photo m040_zpsc1104380.jpg

040. Back on the road; soaring peaks.

 photo m041_zps867c923b.jpg

041. Pure white ridge ahead.

 photo m042_zps7c12872d.jpg

042. The road out of Spain.

 photo m043_zps51614155.jpg

043. Mountains and a lucky highway sign.

 photo m044_zps22d250bd.jpg

044. Better mountains, smaller signs.

 photo m045_zps98f8c9a1.jpg

045. More mountains on the road to Llivia.

 photo m046_zps836ca43f.jpg

046. Literally everything looks this awesome.

 photo m047_zps25917ab6.jpg

047. Through Llivia; there may be both France and Spain in this shot.

 photo m048_zpsd81ed193.jpg

048. Amazing mountains behind amazing mountains.

 photo m049_zpsb6bb50cd.jpg

049. Llivia sign, outskirts.

 photo m050_zps1f841b6a.jpg

050. ...and on the other side.  The insensibility of Llivia really strengthens the argument that this should all be one country -- neither France nor Spain.

This represents the first but not last time that I walked out of one country and into another on this trip.

 photo m051_zps1a4f62b6.jpg

 photo m052_zpsa250b42c.jpg

051 / 052. Two panoramas from this little turnout, which was probably the location of the customs post before the Schengen agreement.  Put them together for for a 360+ degree pan.

 photo m053_zpsbfb9bb33.jpg

053. Just some cows.

 photo m054_zps7509ed39.jpg

054. Amazing skies.

 photo m055_zps0c6e9904.jpg

055. My little Citroen, all alone in the vastness.

 photo m056_zpsd96a656d.jpg

056. Bull on the way downhill.

 photo m057_zps34f0e006.jpg

057. Awesome valley.

 photo m058_zps787c1843.jpg

058. Towering peaks.

 photo m059_zps569a23ef.jpg

059. The fortress at Montlouis.

 photo m060_zps4995ebc9.jpg

060. Going down the mountain.

 photo m061_zps60e17c3e.jpg

061. Hugging the slopes.  There was a lot more incredible stuff, but I was too busy, um, not driving off the goddamn mountain, to take pictures of all of it.

 photo m062_zpsb78b8861.jpg

062. Super-badass viaduct.

 photo m063_zpsa319e03b.jpg

063. Fortress in Villefranche.

 photo m064_zps5120b71b.jpg

064. More of the fort.

065. Trying to get a brilliantly-lit formation outside Perpignan.  (DNCO)

 photo m066_zps62da3dbb.jpg

066. More of those hills from the road.

067. Out to the mountains again.  (DNCO)

 photo m068_zpsbfd79f46.jpg

068. A try at vineyards in Languedoc.

 photo m069_zps5c87d0cd.jpg

069. Another one, other side.

 photo m070_zps89c48480.jpg

070. Ok, this is a good one.

 photo m071_zps09f5841e.jpg

071. Church near Gallargues.  I had no chance to take the marvelous cathedral at Narbonne, because the highway by it was under construction and I needed both hands to drive.

 photo m072_zpsbcb665b3.jpg

072. Weird structure by the road.

 photo m073_zps7da00e74.jpg

073. Burning the ground clear.  The smell passing through this smoke cloud was amazing; probably a vineyard or orchard then.

 photo m074_zpscc66f4fd.jpg

074. An old house and trees.

075. Windmills and valley.  (DNCO)

 photo m076_zpsc2fe865c.jpg

076. Into Provence, losing light.

v03. The trees block the scenery, but in this light even the autoroute is beautiful.

 photo v04_zpsd3eae61b.png

"v"04. Kind of an accident -- I was going to delete it but for the sky in the preview.

 photo m077_zpsc26f8b0e.jpg

077. Ahead into the haze.

 photo m078_zpsfd19eb1f.jpg

078. More awesome natural formations.

 photo m079_zps5199e152.jpg

079. Ronald McKnockoff, on a circus caravan, and a viaduct.

 photo m080_zps4b942063.jpg

080. Down to the Hautes de Barcelone.

 photo m081_zps2f9e0679.jpg

081. Palm trees in Cannes.  We're less than 600km from that winter panorama in Llivia.  Today went from a low of -7 up in the mountains in the morning, to a high of 16 (both Celsius, of course) coming in to Cannes in the evening.

This was the big drive.  Everything else was shorter than the nearly 800km covered this day.  In Italy, things might get more complicated, but there was not, for the rest of the trip, another day that covered eleven hours behind the wheel.  I was getting better adjusted to the time at this point and did not fall asleep immediately, but I was still too bushed to walk the block or so to the Mediterranean in the dark.

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