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(5/)6 Micro-nations II: Cannes - Monaco - Rome

12/3 - Cannes to Monaco to Rome

This was another early bail, but my adjustment to Europe was being dictated by the travel commitments, not the other way around.  If 5 AM is when you wake up normally, you wake up normally at 5 AM -- the circadian hard reset was helping, and it had just about taken at this point.  The tolls between Cannes and the Monacan border were uniformly the old, crappy, throw exact change in the bucket kind, but at least I was getting out of France and its infernal, constant, zero-predictability peages for a while.

 photo m082_zps9c60add6.jpg

082. Midnight Monaco.

083. Illuminations in the street.  (DNCO)

v05. Along the Boulevard des Moulins.

 photo m084_zpsab6a60e8.jpg

084. Back of the parking center, which is underground from the Boulevard des Moulins and at ground level on Avenue Princesse Grace.  Nine stories drop.

 photo m085_zps47be9b8e.jpg

085. Stowed Bentley.  I saw another in silver here in the reserved spaces, and a black Ferrari -- of course with Monaco plates.

 photo m086_zpsabd940cc.jpg

086. Dawn on the Cote d'Azure.

 photo m087_zps54e2a803.jpg

087. East along the terrace.

 photo m088_zpsb2576ed3.jpg

088. Buildings from the Boulevard d'Italie.

 photo m089_zps82acc4bf.jpg

089. Passage from the elevator.

 photo m090_zpsf9ea618a.jpg

090. On the Avenue Princesse Grace.

 photo m091_zps83148b70.jpg

091. More of the lightups.

 photo m092_zps4526df20.jpg

092. Statue, towards the beach.

 photo m093_zps6c630e33.jpg

093. Into the sunrise.

 photo m094_zpsda905f99.jpg

094. Along the beach northeast.

 photo m095_zps093cbe15.jpg

095. Some ducks by the waterline.

v06. Waves crash on the breakwater.

 photo m096_zpsd6f22246.jpg

096. Another shot into the Med.

 photo m097_zps2203de36.jpg

097. Old-style block in the Avenue Princesse Grace.

 photo m098_zps28217178.jpg

098. Sleeping statue.

 photo m099_zpsf899bcbb.jpg

099. Southwestish on the beach.

 photo m100_zps661433db.jpg

100. Hotels and foliage.

 photo m101_zps444637c9.jpg

101. More, taller.

102. To this house on the rock.  (DNCO)

 photo m103_zps4403afe7.jpg

103. Monte Carlo Bay; Monaco still does grand hotels.

 photo m104_zpse9f6645c.jpg

104. National border post in a traffic circle at the north end of the Avenue Princesse Grace -- at least the part that's in Monaco.

v07. Waves pound the bay.

 photo m105_zps4de11009.jpg

105. Crashing breakers.

 photo m106_zpscc5ba65b.jpg

106. The spray reaches the landing.

 photo m107_zps1f728c9d.jpg

107. Foam and dawn.

 photo m108_zps7a23c7cc.jpg

108. The sun crosses the horizon.

This was at the north end of the beach, and actually past the northeastern end of Monaco, period.  It wasn't until I got back and checked a map that I realized that I had accidentally walked entirely out of the country.  Unaware at the time, I headed off southwest to try to see the Casino and the royal palace, if possible.

 photo m109_zpsa6907885.jpg

109. The sun hits the Avenue Princesse Grace.

 photo m110_zps3a06efde.jpg

110. Hotel and bay.

 photo m111_zpsb8592003.jpg

111. A street sign catches the light.

 photo m112_zpsb4aeee5f.jpg

112. Towers and vegetation.

 photo m113_zps119d0dfc.jpg

113. Another view along Princesse Grace.

 photo m114_zps1c02bd41.jpg

114. Up to the raw mountain.

 photo m115_zps383aa915.jpg

115. Fantastic balconies in the dawn.

 photo m116_zps03d00496.jpg

116. Sculpture by the beach.

 photo m117_zps27a67017.jpg

117. Markers for the Princesse.

 photo m118_zpsded7d70c.jpg

118. The buildings stack into the hill.

 photo m119_zps9b55a291.jpg

119. Along the walk by the beach.

 photo m120_zps51ffe67f.jpg

120. A notch in the build.

 photo m121_zps2c5b0701.jpg

121. Dancers in the median.

 photo m122_zpsc76f3fbb.jpg

122. Packed tight.  This place could hardly be more different from Macau, but the resemblance still echoes.

 photo m123_zpsa3030802.jpg

123. Famous address.

 photo m124_zps54edf688.jpg

124. You know your town is rich when you have a McLaren dealership.  (Note that this link isn't to the root domain; McLaren assumes that randoms visiting them on the internet will be more interested in their F1 team than actually buying one of their products.)

 photo m125_zpsc8f3a377.jpg

125. Better view of the sign.

 photo m126_zps9c5b8221.jpg

126. On top of the world.

 photo m127_zpsae4aa7b2.jpg

127. Of course, there's a Rolls dealership, too...

 photo m128_zps70d3f1f1.jpg

128. ...and they're not necessarily out of reach!  Only in Monaco, perhaps, is there a ready supply of late-model Rolls-Royces entering the market enough to make a certified-preowned program viable.

 photo m129_zps2022b774.jpg

129. Next door, the Ferarri salon.  The first word is Italian, meaning "stable", which I didn't realize till later, reading it off a truck in Italy.  It's pretentious enough without knowing.

 photo m130_zpsd5eec8f4.jpg

130. And beyond that, Bentley.  Of course.

 photo m131_zps2863cb83.jpg

131. Looking back to the northern peak.

 photo m132_zpsf3cdd3a7.jpg

132. Commemorative stone by the sea.

 photo m133_zps182edd93.jpg

133. The slowest F1 car.

 photo m134_zpsab15b22e.jpg

134. Around the Fairmont bend to the casino.

 photo m135_zpscf17612d.jpg

135. Plaque on the sidewalk.

 photo m136_zps9859cd0f.jpg

136. Light on the corner.

 photo m137_zps9ede8f70.jpg

137. More views between buildings.

 photo m138_zps7fad03ea.jpg

138. Now that she doesn't have to go to all those state functions, she can go back on tour.

 photo m139_zpsbc3583e8.jpg

139. Place de Casino.

 photo m140_zpsc32aa4ba.jpg

140. Palms and Christmas trees.  The natural beauty, odd climate, and disgusting wealth here go a long way to explaining how Hollywood became so taken with this place, even before Grace Kelly married into the royal family.  This sort of surrealism is really evocative of the DeMille-style Golden Age.

 photo m141_zps4c4a160f.jpg

141. Not going to wait six hours for the casino to open -- and I didn't bring a tux anyway.

 photo m142_zps41986e0a.jpg

142. Pony cars around here.  Immediately after this, some dude drove by in a Ford GTX-1.  No, seriously, it was a convertible conversion, not the stock GT, which in itself is super rare and stupidly expensive.  As alluded, unreal.

 photo m143_zps408f4608.jpg

143. Hills over the Place.

 photo m144_zpsb4004ab8.jpg

144. Rear face of the Casino.

 photo m145_zps1d6e78bc.jpg

145. Long view of the palace.

 photo m146_zps30915068.jpg

146. ...and the rest of it.  As close as I got.

 photo m147_zps4a40887e.jpg

147. Raw hills over a shopping street.

 photo m148_zpsab37fd4e.jpg

148. Round tower and the dawn light.

 photo m149_zpsf2eab562.jpg

149. Port Monaco.  These are the winter-over yachts in a town with a McLaren dealership.

 photo m150_zps70e8134e.jpg

150. Apartments and the southern peak.

 photo m151_zpse52fe481.jpg

151. More of the marina.

 photo m152_zpsaf65adbf.jpg

152. I'm not sure whether this Renault counts as a car or an enclosed motorcycle.  Discussions with the resident motorhead from France at work (we have this guy, ok; he moved here on a "temporary" assignment and immediately bought a Camaro) indicate that it's technically a motorcycle for licensing purposes.

 photo m153_zps56ff0cb5.jpg

153. "Private game room" -- at the side of the Casino.  Too early to expect Bond, too late to look out for Lupin.

 photo m154_zps28c38633.jpg

154. Cabaret entrance, further down.

 photo m155_zps48fd39c2.jpg

155. Down to the bay.

 photo m156_zps69a95aa2.jpg

156. It's Monaco, of course it's real marble, all the way down the staircase.

 photo m157_zps383954d3.jpg

157. Tire marks on the curve.

 photo m158_zps21574203.jpg

158. Seriously wtf is this even?  Wikipedia thinks it is soccer played like squash, but I'm not sure, because that would be dumb and hyperpretentious, even for Monaco.  Suggestions on a postcard.

 photo m159_zpsf41c6cf3.jpg

159. The bay in the morning light.

 photo m160_zps5379160f.jpg

160. The radiant blue sea rolls in.

 photo m161_zps7756810f.jpg

161. Another median sculpture.

 photo m162_zps38fa3b3c.jpg

162. McLaren dealership close up, plus cameo.

 photo m163_zpsbd0be7ea.jpg

163. Old-school elevator in the garage.

164. ((not germane))

v08. Heading out of Monaco.

Climbing out of Monaco to the autoroute over the border was a real trip.  Not just on a technical do-not-run-into-walls-or-pedestrians-or-poorly-parked-scooters level, but because the satnav got itself confused, and couldn't identify which street I was on due to position error.  Not from lack of satellites, as occasionally happened in the mountains in Switzerland -- just that the streets are so closely packed that it was prone to guessing wrong.

 photo m165_zpsc3fef4c5.jpg

165. Terraces -- we're in Italy.

 photo m166_zps940dcdba.jpg

166. Through the toll plaza at Sanremo.

 photo m167_zpsa8ed913c.jpg

167. The rest of the formation.  I have shittalked northern Italy in the past, but this one rock face made me take it all back.  The pictures suck hardcore relative to live.

 photo m168_zps7384476c.jpg

168. Alps above the valley.

 photo m169_zps14b4ea47.jpg

169. Again, a few tunnels over.

 photo m170_zpsf599be87.jpg

170. Again to those peaks.

 photo m171_zps6c9f3699.jpg

171. Villas on the hills.

v09. Along the coastal road, with some appropriate jamz courtesy RAI.  It's not all like this -- the first I heard from them over the border was Johnny Cash covering "Hurt".

 photo m172_zpsfbe7eca7.jpg

172. Stark slopes to the sea.

 photo m173_zps33dfef53.jpg

173. Villa over the highway.

 photo m174_zps2241c545.jpg

174. Mountains across the carriageway.

 photo m175_zps6aee82a9.jpg

175. Church spire and high-tension wire.

 photo m176_zps63fb00f5.jpg

176. Coming down the mountain.  There are views like this -- and better -- literally everywhere on this route.

 photo m177_zpsa2570159.jpg

177. Weathered mountain.

 photo m178_zpsbf12607b.jpg

178. Church in a valley town.

 photo m179_zpsc2db97e7.jpg

179. Along the shining coast.

 photo m180_zpsc70e0054.jpg

180. Bridge and minicar, changing autostradi in Genoa.

 photo m181_zps4ad10118.jpg

181. Alps and treeline.

 photo m182_zps40e95775.jpg

182. Ahead; snowcapped peaks kind of in the shot.

 photo m183_zps1a36c66e.jpg

183. Steeple and cement hauler.

 photo m184_zps8e00e33b.jpg

184. High mountains near Pisa.

 photo m185_zps55360df6.jpg

185. Without the truck.  There were a lot of fails like this, which I mostly deleted, but you need to leave some in for historical accuracy.

 photo m186_zpse33f5d94.jpg

186. Again; you can't be sure, mostly concentrating on driving, that any of these will come out.  I chucked like 15 pics from this leg for being of nothing, or parts of the car, or so poorly focused that it was obvious in the camera preview.

 photo m187_zps9d364cb5.jpg

187. Further mountains, soaring clouds.

 photo m188_zps5ec3d581.jpg

188. Alp and foliage.

 photo m189_zps950db2ea.jpg

189. Farmland on the other side.

190. Vineyard, despite window damage.  (DNCO)

 photo m191_zps20e00451.jpg

191. Mountains and reflections.

 photo m192_zpscb5d2326.jpg

192. Ahead to an ancient tower.

 photo m193_zps8e0f38cc.jpg

193. Renaissance castle, mostly hidden.

 photo m194_zpse9a88b00.jpg

194. High clouds over the afternoon.

 photo m195_zps934485ea.jpg

195. Trees along the roadside.

 photo m196_zpsdeb58a46.jpg

196. Monastery on the summit.

 photo m197_zps7cd00ece.jpg

197. Villa on the peak.

 photo m198_zpsfe76d6bb.jpg

198. No!  Me am normal truck!

 photo m199_zpsc1cd9b5c.jpg

199. Ridge ahead.

 photo m200_zpsbacde680.jpg

200. The hotel on the outskirts of Rome.  I chose this place for train and highway access reasons, but it doesn't hurt that it's a damn castle.

 photo m201_zps5d728d28.jpg

201. In the room.  This isn't original, but still.

 photo m202_zps3dde1d25.jpg

202. Window and ceiling.

 photo m203_zps8d16e542.jpg

203. "The Chancery".  You can probably find this one on their website.

204. ((not germane))

The restaurant doesn't open for another hour, and will be nightmarishly expensive.  I'm'a go to sleep, maybe bore into the minibar snacks in the morning, and get ready to get out by 0600 -- the roads around the castle are small and crap, and I don't like the idea of dealing with oncoming traffic.

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