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(5/)6 Micro-nations III: Rome - San Marino - Milan

12/4 - Rome, not to the Vatican, to San Marino to Milan

 photo m205_zps44e5e74c.jpg

205. Leaving the Castella.

I planned to visit the Vatican, but didn't reckon on Italy becoming a cashless society.  Unwilling to take a 50-euro fine on a 1-euro fare (seriously to fuck Trenitalia, y u no do exact change?  Fuckers) for riding "schwarz" in from La Giustiniana, I tried to avoid one backtracking from Ipogeo del'Ottavi (also one ticket machine, also only taking credit cards) to get an early start on San Marino.  One day or another, I'll be back in Rome, and by civilized transit, staying somewhere close enough to walk to the smallest of the micronations.

206. Misty hills, headed out of Rome.  (DNCO)

 photo m207_zps32f2e81f.jpg

207. Village on a sheer cliff.

 photo m208_zps5973b3dd.jpg

208. Villa on another hill.

 photo m209_zpsbe88d166.jpg

209. Seriously.  Wonder what the people of this town call themselves.

 photo m210_zps0afaf2b3.jpg

210. Hilltop medieval town.

 photo m211_zps8cd00506.jpg

211. Church in Calesina, going past.

 photo m212_zps52dd1e21.jpg

212. Another old hill tower.

 photo m213_zpseebdb896.jpg

213. Long view ahead.

 photo m214_zps51434406.jpg

214. Rural forests.

 photo m215_zps10cfd2cf.jpg

215. Raw slopes, high snow.

 photo m216_zpsc3e970da.jpg

216. Across the spine and headed for Ravenna.

 photo m217_zps7f703293.jpg

217. Exposed layers.

 photo m218_zps0165ccfa.jpg

218. An old watchtower.

 photo m219_zpsd6cb4f6e.jpg

219. Objective in sight.

 photo m220_zpse5d3719d.jpg

220. Arch entering San Marino.

 photo m221_zpsf9041ba3.jpg

221. View from the peak.

 photo m222_zpsdab2d707.jpg

222. German ultras get just everywhere.

223. Outside the walls.  (DNCO)

 photo m224_zpsfc97d933.jpg

224. Panorama at that level.

 photo m225_zps1061c1fc.jpg

225. Out past a shop knight.

 photo m226_zps786e6084.jpg

226. Pillar outside a church.

 photo m227_zps9508fb7c.jpg

227. The church itself.

 photo m228_zps865468f2.jpg

228. Public transit.  In these steep, narrow, and sharply-winding streets, it beats a bus -- especially at silliness.

 photo m229_zps76776023.jpg

229. Portal in chiaroscuro.

 photo m230_zps798f9d89.jpg

230. Statue in the plaza.

 photo m231_zps710f571f.jpg

231. Cast when these were neutral symbols of the Roman Republic.

 photo m232_zps4af594aa.jpg

232. Front of the statue.

 photo m233_zps6dbf3415.jpg

233. Battlements and guard house.

 photo m234_zps3b16549a.jpg

234. Plaque by the gate.

 photo m235_zpsdb18ac45.jpg

235. Inattentive traffic cop and a class view.

 photo m236_zps0d63c4e4.jpg

236. Monument to Garibaldi.

 photo m237_zps3c8e382b.jpg

237. The Palazzo Publico.

 photo m238_zps0a3a7659.jpg

238. A look out from the plaza.

 photo m239_zps2b0b8751.jpg

239. If it's higher, it's not by that much.

 photo m240_zpsd3bebb80.jpg

240. Theater tower behind scaffolds.

 photo m241_zps815d8cce.jpg

241. Basilica in the upper plaza.

 photo m242_zpsc2a0f4cb.jpg

242. Plaza Borghese; due to its tax status relative to Italy, a lot of San Marino looks like a medieval-themed outlet mall.

 photo m243_zps5c5d1f19.jpg

243.  And then there's the tourist traps.  The museum of torture looks like another franchise of the one in Prague, but this is just dumb, like pirates in Salem.

 photo m244_zps87758274.jpg

244. Open look, going up to the watchtower.

 photo m245_zps977f79ee.jpg

245. And through, to Rimini and the Adriatic.

 photo m246_zpsa715ba79.jpg

246. Tree and valley view.

 photo m247_zps81a147db.jpg

247. Guard ceremony, probably for the benefit of a contingent of American paratroopers in attendance.

v10. Troops rolling back the morning gun.

 photo m248_zps518d11cc.jpg

248. Plaque outside the tower.

 photo m249_zps39ff8bde.jpg

249. Side of the watchtower.

 photo m250_zps62781000.jpg

250. Main tower keep.

 photo m251_zps45f5e482.jpg

251. Well and artillery -- this place needed defended until relatively recently.

 photo m252_zps5a7803ad.jpg

252. Tower battlements.

 photo m253_zpsb4c55c99.jpg

253. Across the wall to the mountains.

 photo m254_zps1d8ea4b9.jpg

254. Tower from below.

 photo m255_zps151ed065.jpg

255. Mountain and fortress wall.

 photo m256_zps0e7f181f.jpg

256. Panorama from the east watch.

 photo m257_zpscb6aecb4.jpg

257. Church in the town below.

 photo m258_zpscc738baf.jpg

258. Graffiti in the mortar.

 photo m259_zpsf8b4ca3c.jpg

259. Leonardo exhibit in the main tower.

 photo m260_zpsc6c5c74d.jpg

260. Originals, close up.

 photo m261_zps696734ab.jpg

261. It's not closed, so it's open.

 photo m262_zps0f21b063.jpg

262. In the upper room.

 photo m263_zpsa9e62fba.jpg

263. Top chamber, the highest publicly-accessible point in San Marino.

 photo m264_zps95b875b7.jpg

264. Down towards the Palazzo Pubblico.

 photo m265_zps27047297.jpg

265. Out into the valley.

There are other towers, but this is the highest -- and I was hungry and needing to buy limoncello before chasing the light to Milan.  I finished off the main keep and headed back down to the town.

 photo m266_zps3d82761e.jpg

266. North peak watch tower.

 photo m267_zps8be7c280.jpg

267. A little closer focus.

 photo m268_zps4a0d932c.jpg

268. Valleys to the north.

 photo m269_zpsc0e04b6e.jpg

269. Mona Lisa part of the Leonardo exhibit.

 photo m270_zps69c39aa5.jpg

270. Simple furnishings a la Da Vinci.

 photo m271_zps541693fb.jpg

271. Doors to the prison cells.

 photo m272_zps9b723008.jpg

272. History of the "Rock".

 photo m273_zps2ade5dd7.jpg

273. Old art of the way San Marino was, before the towns built up.

 photo m274_zpse1e049a2.jpg

274. Graffiti by prisoners.

 photo m275_zps5971a734.jpg

275. Mad at the pope.

 photo m276_zpsf85ede2e.jpg

276. More graffiti on the cell walls.

 photo m277_zps8951649f.jpg

277. Weapons of the garrison.

278. Halberds, without cameo.  (DNCO)

 photo m279_zpscf8e8724.jpg

279. North watchtower and battlements.

 photo m280_zps81cb0028.jpg

280. Fortress chapel front.

 photo m281_zps4baa1f8c.jpg

281. Inside the chapel.

 photo m282_zpse44202a3.jpg

282. Graffiti covers the chapel walls.

 photo m283_zps9631516b.jpg

283. A cleverly-designed access panel.

 photo m284_zpsbcb0304d.jpg

284. Bell tower from below.

 photo m285_zpsc9053723.jpg

285. Along the face of the Rock.

 photo m286_zps88f293b4.jpg

286. North watchtower and guardhouse.

 photo m287_zpsbd8a0121.jpg

287. The connection to Da Vinci.

 photo m288_zps7edf49da.jpg

288. The face of the Rock.

 photo m289_zps8b459986.jpg

289. Walled paths and brambles.

 photo m290_zps4ba8b3c5.jpg

290. Vegetation and the north tower.

 photo m291_zpsad827715.jpg

291. The north tower without the brambles.

 photo m292_zps5c866aa4.jpg

292. The corner of the Rock.

 photo m293_zpseceb4918.jpg

293. Upthrust under the Rock.  This was laid down horizontal, obviously, but it's at a 45-degree angle now.  Italy was crumpled up the hard way, and every tunnel bears evidence of it, though usually not this dramatic.

 photo m294_zpsa686b6f3.jpg

294. Forge markings on the cannon.

 photo m295_zpsd4066ffe.jpg

295. Tourist trap -- it even admits it's a ripoff.

Tourism done, I picked up like 25 euros worth of provender, some of which made it all the way to Strasbourg, including a bottle of limoncello that was so preiswuerdig that I hesitate to put a number down here in case the people who I gave it to for Christmas ever read this, and a bottle of Duff beer, first encountered in Germany and now available from the thousand San Marino off-licenses that speak mostly Russian and sell mostly cheap wine in bottles adorned with art of women with their tits out.  And I'm pretty sure Groening doesn't see a dime of it.

 photo m296_zpsc1db558b.jpg

296. Heading off the autostrada for fuel, but I crossed it (again) later.  I couldn't figure out how to transcend it from the highway, because otherwise I would have done that.

 photo m297_zps5b55c8d6.jpg

297. Big farm.

 photo m298_zps66f9843a.jpg

298. Viticulture heading towards Lombardy.

 photo m299_zps92313e25.jpg

299. Random bouquet at the Milan tolls.

 photo m300_zps3c2bd47e.jpg

300. Sunset in Milan; radiation + pollution.  The "gray line" is a lot thicker here in the industrial northeast -- it's not at Beijing levels, but it's as dense as I've ever seen it short of Hong Kong.  The Po valley is flat all the way to the Alps, and I guess the weather doesn't often come over and drive the air out into the Adriatic.

I'm moving on early in the morning, and I can't be out soon enough.  I'm concerned about the service indicator -- it went over 24000 km today, less than 1000km from the service schedule -- but I'm pretty sure I can get the car back to France, at least, if not all the way back, before the thing breaks down.

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