Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Is This Record I Don't Even II: Melt Banana / Fantomas 5" split

When you actually buy a turntable in the modern era, you have a choice to make about what kind of weirdo you actually are. You can either become an audiophile and spend thousands of dollars kitting out The Most Badass Stereo Setup In The World and waste money buying $200 rubber mats with triangular cutouts on them to "stabilize" your CDs, or you can become a vinyl geek and buy 5" cybergrind singles because it's Melt Banana in a non-standard gauge so obviously. That being said, this is a decent but tremendously short split; the Melt Banana side almost hits two minutes, but the Fantomas track comes in short of 45 seconds. MB is more noisy and has more of a groove, the Fantomas side has more of a grind structure to the percussion and a trumpet doing a horse laugh. Pretty much what you'd expect coming in. Oh, and it's a 33, because good luck getting even two minutes of music onto a 5" at 45 rpm.

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