Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Is This Record I Don't Even

I recently fixed up my A/V setup and got my turntable hooked up again after 18 months off. Then I went through my record collection for stuff to listen to on it, and found a bunch of records that I didn't even remember buying, much less what they sound like. Hence, this project; listen to records and figure out what the hell I have.

Wishbone Ash - No Smoke Without Fire

I think I got this one because a) it was cheap and b) I'd heard that Wishbone Ash was a formative influence on Steve Harris. This probably explains all three or so Wishbone Ash records that are going to be covered. I'm not sure that I ever really listened to this one, though. The music is pretty standard-form '70s prog-ish rock; the bass pops nicely, but the disc doesn't really stand out in any way that grabs me as opposed to a lot of other bands from that time. I think I may have heard "You see red" on the radio at one point, but I listened to a LOT of WBLM in college (4 hours x 4 nights x 30 weeks x 4 years, do the math) working in the cafeteria, so that's not only a lot of exposure to a lot of '70s rock, but the suspicion that there's a lot of '70s rock that sounds like this for me to get easily confused about.

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