Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nachzehrer with Obsidian Tongue [O'Brien's, Allston, 2/24/2011]

After a short but still unacceptable delay, here's the writeup of this Born of Fire gig; with what's slated to go in today, I should be up to date.

Obsidian Tongue [5.5/7]
Though it's almost getting to be a dirty word in the dirt-raw Boston scene, this duo put up a cool set of highly atmospheric black metal that in its spaces and stylings verged on the dare-we-say it "Cascadian". :eyeroll: The sound still came raw as well as hypnotizing, though, and combined to cool effect, especially from just guitar and drums. There were a few technical fillips, as might, really, be expected from a band that's using a lot of pedals and controls to transform their sound rather than separate instrumental lines, but the net effect was still killer.

In addition to the band's own demo, I also picked up the new Blood of the Gods record, since a) it's out and b) the drummer in this band is also in that one, playing "crust" that is separated only with great difficulty from early Entombed. Bethatasitmay; good music anyway.

Nachzehrer [6/7]
While this outing was rawer than the last time I saw them (it was Draak (ex-Unholy Goatfucker)'s first live show with the band, as I found out later), the integration was still smooth and the sound still cool and ripping. They didn't have anything new out this time, but talking with Mike/Hrasvelg after, they're close to getting a new 10" out through an English label, as well as some discussions about another split that is truly councils-of-the-wise-and-great stuff not up for discussion in scurrilious reportage like this. If it comes off, though, it'll be great exposure for them, and definitely not undeserved, whether on this performance or their history in general.

Bands finished, it was off to hike off the beer and get settled to drive home. Easily accomplished, but then I was distracted by other stuff from Bobfest at the weekend and didn't get out again till the "Master" show to be accounted here.

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