Friday, April 01, 2011

What Is This Record I Don't Even III: Hellhunter / Unholy Goatfucker split

Picked up off the Nachzehrer table a couple weeks back, this got into the stack because it's UGF's only label recording -- and it's going to stay that way, due to the mix of unfortunate and tragic circumstances surrounding the lineup that will probably prevent any iteration of the band from coming back together. The A side, from Cali's Hellhunter, is pretty standard dirty black metal, good if not groundbreaking. The Goatfucker side is the standout: underground black metal fused with expansive atmospheres out of '70s Spanish horror movies, and the real kicker is that this is not studio trickery. The band had the personnel to do all the sounds on this track live, and did so when they played out. There's a lot of good black metal in New England, but nothing precisely like this any more.

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