Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rememberance of Antique Pictures

(Note: no Oathean content in this post. One of my few regrets from South Korea.)

In the process of cleaning up my antediluvian phone, I found a bunch of pictures from this show, when I apparently had the idea of adding grainy and overly-dark images to these piles of inaccurate and often ill-informed words, an idea that did not survive the 2010 summer tour. Having completely forgotten that I had taken these pics while overseas, I didn't add them to the original post at the time, and now, eighteen and more months later, adding them in there would guarantee that they'd be seen by exactly no one. (So wait, why am I doing this any differently?) Anyway, almost two years out of date and crappy to start with, here they are.

Mowgli flipping out. (Yes, also Wren.)

Necronomichrist setting up.

In more presently relevant news, this:

Tickets are in; formal RFM will go out in a week or so once I get it written.

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