Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Euro Tour 2010 - index

1. No, Jean-Paul, Hell Is A British Airport
2. Homeless Under The Northern Lights
3. Add Tourists, Shake Well
4. Wohin Soll Denn Die Reise Geh'n?
5. These Three Things
6. The Sun Was In My Eyes
7. Buried By Time And Dust
8. The Silence Is Deafening
9. The Golden Spiral
10. Symphonie einer Grossstadt
11. One More Magic Potion
12. Thuringian Pagan Mudness
13. Where The Schlamm Lives
14. No Nation On This Earth

This is the full report of the 2010 Euro promo tour, hitting Wacken and Party.San with some detours in Norway and Berlin. It is a story about a lot of things, but like the best stories, it is mostly about love. And like the best true-life love stories, it is also about acceptance, and coming to terms with things, and the change and development in the relationship that comes with it. It is also a story about spending four days in five countries without a functioning belt buckle. It is about many things, most of which will only reveal themselves in the reading. This is mostly transcribed from notes taken live on location; it's been cleaned up and annotated, but the bulk of the report is written in "you are there" fashion -- and if you actually were there, fire in with your own story. There were 70,000 stories about Wacken this year, and another 10,000 about Party.San; this is mine.

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