Thursday, September 09, 2010

Euro Tour 2010 - conclusion and scores and other garbage

I forgot to do that thing I did last year and put the scores in at the index post, even though (or perhaps because) I was smarter and put the index at the start. So, here they are:

bands seen, day 1: 3
average day 1: 4.67/7
total day 1: 14
bands seen, day 2: 10
average day 2: 5.5/7
total day 2: 55
bands seen, day 3: 8
average day 3: 5.38/7
total day 3: 43
average, full festival: 5.33/7
total, full festival: 112
total bands: 21

bands seen, day 1: 5
average day 1: 6.3/7
total day 1: 31.5
bands seen, day 2: 7
average day 2: 6/7
total day 2: 42
bands seen, day 3: 9
average day 3: 5.72/7
total day 3: 51.5
average, full festival: 5.95/7
total, full festival: 125
total bands: 21

The thing that sticks out here is that this is a wicked low number of rated bands. In 2005, I saw enough of 30 bands to get some kind of impression of them at Wacken, and the festival has done nothing but shove more bands in more places since. Chalk that up to more time spent hanging out; this is probably also why Party.San sees the same five-band drop from last year.

The other thing to note is that Thursday night at Party.San was really fucking good this year. I knew, of course, that Devourment and Watain had fucking killed it, but I didn't know that this was the best single festival day I had on record since Atheist broke the scoring system in 2006, which came out to exactly the same average. What's more, this year's day 1 was a lot more consistent; it's harder to make up 'dropped' points in a sample of five bands rather than 8, especially when there isn't a historically great set in the mix generating a "free" point.

Last but not least, trends. There was a lot of ceaseless moaning about the lack of quality on this year's Wacken, but overall, average score dropped by 0.04 points. So even according to this dumb and arbitrary measure, not significant. Party.San, though, saw a significant increase in quality on stage as well as fun "off the park"....and I'm pretty sure that had I seen enough of, say, Ofermod, Diabolical or The Crown to write some more arbitrary numbers down for Friday, this wouldn't've cratered the average. If you're losing patience with great culture and merely "pretty good" music up in S-H, the great culture and great music in Thüringen are worth checking out. Hinterlands guide for non-German-speakers is that way.

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