Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 - The Final ChapTour RFM

This is the RFM (Request For Merch) for the 2012 summer festival tour. There are significant differences between this and prior years due to itinerary changes.

Partly because I've soured on the festival and partly because I didn't get a ticket before it sold out (the first contributing to the second), I'm not going to Wacken this year. I'm starting at Party.San and continuing on to Summer Breeze, which pushes out the deadline a little and decidedly changes the complexion of the stuff I can take over.

This is because Party.San is a wicked, wicked DIY festival. I've described it in the past as "the world's biggest basement show", and based on the experience of last year, it is entirely possible that I will clear out everything I carry over before leaving the P.SOA festival grounds. Virtually everyone you meet at Party.San is into underground metal, many of them are in bands, and the appetite they have for new DIY stuff from odd corners of the globe is almost insatiable. This means that as long as I have stuff to distro, it needs to be stuff that will be in demand at Party.San. Some will probably survive to Summer Breeze, but I don't want to tell people "sure, I've been giving stuff away nonstop for the last two days, but now all I have is pop stuff you won't be interested in." Stuff that I could push hard at Wacken and take advantage of a large population to overcome the low chances of successful distro will not fly here.

So here is the deal. This is Germany, land of Defeated Sanity, Bethlehem, Desaster, Ahab, and Metal Inquisitor. If I see your band at a local show, you are probably OK for export. Give me your stuffs. If I haven't seen your band yet, for whatever reason, check the Party.San lineup and see how many bands' fanbases you'd likely appeal to. If you think you'll fit in, send me a link to a recent sample of your stuff (you can do this in the comments on this post), and I'll check it out. OMG ELITISM. If you don't like it, strap up a pack and do a ritual about itget on a plane yourself.

Space is expected to be limited. I actually went over the limit last year and had to repack some stuff. The upside of that is that I do have a bunch of surplus paper CD sleeves in case I get stuff in full-height or half-height cases. First come first served, no vinyl, no buttons unless you have nothing else, and please try to avoid sending shirts. Contact info already on your stuff or space for me to write it on very preferred. Give me your out-of-date, your mismatched, the dregs of your merch bucket yearning to breathe free. Should I not manage to hand everything out, any surplus will be returned (unless you're like, "no, leave this in the bathrooms in the Munich airport if it comes to that, we don't want it back").

This will be updated periodically as the deadline - end of July - approaches.

UPDATE 2012-06-05: first tentative show schedule:

Jun 10 (Sun) - SIX FEET UNDER / "Worcester Deathfest" - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)
Jun 11 (Mon) - Spitting Black, Composted, Deathamphetamine, Dick Move - Midway Cafe (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Jun 14 (Thu) - Born of Fire: Scaphism, Blood Of The Gods, I Am The Trireme (PA) - O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)
Jun 21 (Thu) - Metal Thursday CLXVII: Machinage [BRAZIL], Sonic Pulse, Endless Decay, Red Blade - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)
Jun 26 (Tue) - IRON MAIDEN, Alice Cooper - Tweeter Center (Mansfield, MA)
Jun 30 (Sat) - BLACK PYRAMID, KYOTY, HESSIAN AND WARM - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)
Jul 25 (Wed) - FEAR FACTORY, VOIVOD, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Revocation, Havok - the Palladium (Worcester, MA)
Jul 26 (Thu) - Metal Thursday: Mausoleum [PA], Engorge [NJ], Blessed Offal +TBA - Ralph's Diner (Worcester, MA)

I probably will not make all of these, and more will be added.  There will be an actual new update post at the start of July with the schedule from that point on.

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