Thursday, September 06, 2012

2012 - The Final ChapTour

This is the index for the 2012 summer tour report, which looks a lot different from initially planned, because I rather predictably (in retrospect) got injured hiking and didn't go to Summer Breeze.  However, I saw more bands than anticipated at Party.San, hung out with tons of cool people, and distributed everything I had, then did a challenging hike and saw some cool stuff around Bavaria.  You win some, you lose some, and for the last go at German festivals, this was a lot more good than bad.

This chronicle is written in a "you are there" style, based on notes taken at the time, or shortly thereafter in the cases where my pen was misbehaving.  There are a few corrections and addenda for names and cardinal directions, but most of this is as it was written when all this was happening, and is incorrect, incomplete, and/or biased based on the information available at the time.  This is not, nor does it try to be, an all-encompassing or objective view of either Party.San or southeastern Germany; there are 9999 or so other stories from Party.San that are equally valid (and probably more interesting), and everyone can and should experience Bavaria for themselves, even during tourist season.

the parts:

1 - When The Sun Burns Red -- inbound and a bit of Berlin
2 - In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion -- Leipzig part 1
3 - Ghosts of War -- Leipzig part 2
4 - Warriors Of The World Unite -- Party.San startup
5 - It's Dark and Totenmachers Are Hot -- Party.San day 2
6 - (Emptied) Tankard -- Party.San the end
7 - Kern+Kraft -- Erfurt
8 - A Lonely Godforsaken Path -- over the border on foot
9 - Forks In The Road -- Schweinfurt and Munich
10 - Skeleton Dance -- Nuremberg
11 - Goodbye Deutschland/Lower The Flags -- Frankfurt, homebound, and conclusion

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