Friday, July 09, 2010

remaining shows calendar (before Euro tour 2010)

It's now just about three weeks until I fly off to roll the dice on Scandinavian transit systems and thrash about in Germany, and the below are the final shows where it'll be possible for you to give me stuff from your band to take over:

Jul 10 (Sat) - Champions', Everett - Oneiric Realm, Vaitarna, Katahdin, Sarcomancy
Jul 11 (Sun) - Midway, Jamaica Plain - Composted, Parasitic Extirpation, Hivesmasher, Boarcorpse, Goreality, Scaphism
Jul 15 (Thu) - Ralph's, Worcester - Woods of Ypres, Frozen, Anticosm, Hirudinea
Jul 16 (Fri) - O'Brien's, Allston - Finisher, Sin Of Angels, Faces Of Bayon, Bog Of The Infidel skipped, emergency ManUtd/Celtic game and drinking session
Jul 22 (Thu) - Ralph's, Worcester - Mantic Ritual, Armory, Rattlehead, Hexen skipped, family emergency
Jul 30 (Fri) - O'Brien's, Allston - Composted, Rampant Decay, Dysentery, Maggot Brain, InTheShit -- LAST CHANCE!!!

This two-gigs-per-weekend thing may look optimistic based on past results, but the World Cup is over, I'm done my last on-call shift as of this evening, and this last push, in addition to having a huge selection of flat awesome bands, is likely to also be rewarding in terms of stuff to take across. If your band is on this list and I don't pester you for stuff by the end of the gig in question, feel free to give me a hiding for it. If your band isn't on this list, these six dates are the last chances you'll get (this year) to get your stuff promoted on this trip.

As has been noted, there has been a good response so far, but space is still available in the pack. Stickers and promo cards move best (well, after CDs, but those are bulkier and more fragile), buttons less well. Don't worry if your stickers don't have any contact info on them; I wrote such onto the backing paper of the stuff I got from Abdicate and Nachzehrer, and even if you don't get them into my hands before the 30th, I'm still going to have a lot of time to kill on the ferry down from Oslo.

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